“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

BayanTech is keen on providing a friendly and cooperative environment for our most talented staff

We appreciate and acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our team and owe our success to every team member.
Crossing linguistic and cultural frontiers is our motive and providing unrivalled translation and localization services is our aim. We work towards creating a productive environment where our team members have different areas of expertise and varied skills but all share one vision.Commitment and dedication are intrinsic elements in our corporate culture.

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”-- Bang Gae

We are not just a group of experts…we are a team. The feeling of being part of something bigger is inherent in every project. Going the extra mile to satisfy our clients is more of a job responsibility to us. Our exceptional commitment to our clients’ needs is what makes us stand out.

Meet The Team

Mohamed Hafez

Mohamed’s clear-sighted vision of BayantTech’s future is the anchor that supports each translation/localization project. Developing and expanding BayanTech’s capabilities is the mainspring of his brilliant career, with the aim of placing BayanTech as a leading translation and localization agency in the world. Mohamed’s talent is a pillar of BayanTech’s success. His exquisite leadership skills ensure a vibrant and friendly work environment is maintained where no one feels under-supported and we all complement each other.

Ahmed Hamdy

Operations Manager, 16 years of experience
Ahmed’s 16 years of experience in the translation and localization industry is one of our keys to success. Ahmed manages scheduling and real-time operations that facilitate the maximization of our resources to achieve schedule adherence, high productivity, and, most importantly, client satisfaction. His responsibilities include formulating policies, analyzing projects’ reports, and providing plans to further develop our services.

Hala Ezzat

Sales and Business Development Team Leader
Hala’s outstanding communication skills shine out. Her flexibility and excellent management skills have greatly contributed to the success of BayanTech and set a new benchmark for business developers. Her exceptional leadership skills qualified her to manage our huge sales team, putting each team member’s talents and qualifications into perfect use. She is in charge of analyzing cost-efficiency and clients’ needs, proposing the best approaches to handle each project. Her dedication to our clients’ satisfaction manifests BayanTech’s core values. When she is not busy working on our Requests for Proposals (RFPs), she likes attending puppet theatre performances

Yasser Tolba

Quality Control Manager
Yasser has solid knowledge of the ins and outs of localization. His wide expertise along with his great management skills is the perfect formula for a consummate quality control manager. We rely on Yasser’s proficiency and talent in ensuring the highest levels of quality control by making sure all internal guidelines are met in each stage of the project management cycle. He is responsible for designing customer-oriented workflow procedures, efficiently streamlining the localization/translation process. His ability to juggle multiple tasks under pressure helps us meet tight deadlines without compromising quality

Ahmed Abdelbaset

DTP and Localization Manager
Ahmed is a tech-savvy hard worker with 13 years of experience in the localization field. He handles all the technical difficulties with the dexterity of a localization genius. With proven knowledge in utilizing almost all DTP and translation tools, he not only provides technical support and training to our localization teams but also suggests improvements and implements innovations that aim at developing our engineering processes and work techniques. In addition to supervising our localization engineering team, Ahmed efficiently provides pre-sales support and reviews QA reports, fixing all localization bugs and making sure the translated/localized products are up and running.