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In the era of technology, most industries have witnessed momentous changes aiming at a greater global presence, and the financial and banking industry is no exception.

Delivering financial and banking documents requires great attention to detail and absolute accuracy. BayanTech offers financial translation services that are no less accurate.

We are aware that the tiniest mistake in the money world can be extremely costly. For example, an article which was a speculative overview of some financial reports was poorly translated from Chinese to English in a much more authoritative tone, which created a panic in the world’s foreign exchange market leading the U.S. dollar to plunge in value.

Our in-country, native-speaking linguists pay heed to the smallest details spanning from adapting numbers and metric systems and making sure they are standardized across clients’ translations to choosing the right register, tone, and style.

At BayanTech, we take into consideration the importance of delivering financial documents on time. Utilizing customized Translation Memory (TM) tools, we provide consistency, shorter time-to-market, and competitive rates.

The financial and banking industry is a multifaceted business with a wide variety of requirements. Whether it is an investment report, a balance sheet, or an income statement, at BayanTech, your financial translations are assigned to subject-matter experts who are well-versed in the industry-specific terminology, delivering accurate, customer-oriented financial translations.

Relying on our wide expertise, ISO-certified quality assurance system, and a huge in-house team of localization engineers, DTP specialists, and graphic designers, we act as a one-stop shop for financial translation services, ranging from website localization and multilingual DTP to E-learning and marketing translations

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