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BayanTech understands the grave ramifications of the smallest mistake in legal translations. That is why we select highly qualified, certified linguists with the skills of a linguistic expert and the dexterity of a veteran lawyer. Our team of legal eagles reviews and proofreads translations, adhering to our strict 3-eye QA process. Your project is assigned only to in-country, native-speaking linguists with extensive subject-matter expertise and great knowledge of your target locale’s legal intricacies and country-specific requirements.

Mistakes that might not be fatal in other types of translation can have dire consequences in legal translation; for example, translating the preposition “at” in “Any person who shall maliciously and willfully discharge a firearm at an inhabited house, occupied building…is guilty of felony” to the Slovak “na” can be wrongly assumed as using the weapon while being in or inside that particular place. The English sentence, however, means that the weapon was aimed at the place mentioned as its target, which can be considered as a loophole.

We offer unsurpassed-quality translations for the most sensitive legal materials like court documents, which require not only linguistic mastery but also experience in the peculiar structure, style, and lexis of legal texts.

To make a legal translation official in order to go through the relevant legal proceedings of the target country, translations need not only to be certified but also notarized or stamped by a sworn translator.

BayanTech provides sworn translations, acting as a one-stop shop for all your legal documents.

Whether it is evidence documents, litigation materials or business contracts, whatever the language pair required, we guarantee absolute confidentiality and fast turnarounds that meet the strict deadlines in the legal industry.

Our project managers thoroughly analyze your target audience and work with you to determine the approach that best suits your legal translation project, including tone or register, syntax, and terminology.

Utilizing cutting-edge Translation Memory (TM) and terminology management tools, we ensure faithful and consistent translations at highly competitive rates.

With many years of experience and ISO-certified quality standards, our long list of satisfied clients has reached a verdict: BayanTech is the most reliable legal translation partner.

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