Smart Government

Fast, Accurate, Confidential

Today, most governments around the world are taking the initiative to provide easier access of information to better communicate with people internally as well as externally.

For governmental organizations to communicate with all communities in their mother tongue, a reliable language service provider is indispensable.

We understand that governmental documents can be highly sensitive. Hence, we apply extra security steps for government translations to maintain absolute confidentiality across translations.

BayanTech takes pride in contributing to a clearer communication process between many governmental organizations and local as well as global communities through our wide capacity and resources. Our select linguists are equipped with updated glossaries, style guides, and Translation Memory (TM) tools, guaranteeing accurate, consistent, and cost-effective translations.

With over a decade of experience and a robust QA system conforming to the rigorous (ISO 9001:2008) certification standards, we guarantee flawless government translations that overcome all the regulatory hurdles, delivering a hassle-free translation service.

We handle a vast array of subject matters, for example, social services, employment, housing, education, and transportation. Our in-country, native-speaking linguists are subject-matter experts with solid knowledge of the linguistic, cultural, and regulatory subtleties of your target locale, making sure government translations comply with each project’s unique standards and country-specific regulations.

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