Hello Africa!

Africa is a continent throbbing with life. With infinitely diverse cultural values and beliefs, Africa continues to uncover its charm and beauty and unleash its great potential.

Africa encompasses
Approximately Number Of Speakers
Of The Total Number Of Languages Spoken Today

It Is Time for Africa

In today’s global market, Africa is becoming an economic powerhouse with numerous emerging markets.Africa is a language resource BayanTech is proud to have carefully explored, thoroughly analyzed, and masterfully catered for.Back in 2004 when most translation companies wouldn’t take a gamble on the African market, we had the clear vision and the wide resources that enabled us to penetrate the African market and pioneer the localization industry in Africa, providing extensive training to in-country translators on how to use up-to-date technology and translation tools.With a dedicated office and a huge in-house team at the heart of Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, we offer our first-class translation services for a broad range of African languages. Our services extend to reach all African regions, supporting rare and challenging language pairs.

Our Translation…Your Ticket to Africa

Africa has been successfully integrating with the world economy, perfectly fitting in the global market puzzle. Paved with market expansion opportunities, Africa is an open road to global branding that only a reliable translation and localization partner can drive you along.

There are several other small families and language isolates, in addition to languages that are yet to be classified.

Somali, Berber, Amharic, Oromo, Swahili, Hausa, Igbo, Fulani and Yoruba are examples of the most widely spoken African languages.

growth rates rising up to 6%
annual growth rate of 23%
population using the Internet by 2013 17%

The best way to communicate with the large spectrum of customers in Africa is through speaking their languages. With the perfect combination of passionate, in-country, native-speaking linguists and top-notch technologies, we offer coherent, consistent, and accurate African translations.

Through its top-quality translations, BayanTech provides its clients with their tickets to Africa, at competitive rates.

Made in Africa

Representing a variety of social and cultural facets, African languages require skillful native-speaking linguists in order to render culturally sensitive translations.
BayanTech adopts a holistic approach to African translations. Relying on in-house, in-country QA specialists, a wide talent pool of native-speaking linguists, and professional project managers with wide expertise in African language projects, we make certain that your translated message is locale-specific.
BayaneTech prides itself on its contribution to the preservation of rare African languages while breaking down all the cultural and linguistic barriers.
BayanTech delivers natural translations as if the original text was made in Africa
Since its foundation in 2004, BayanTech has risen to the challenges of geographical distribution and languages’ rarity, and each African translation project proves us worthy of our clients’ valuable trust.