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There are approximately 24 million Igbo speakers living mostly in southeastern Nigeria. BayanTech provides accurate, consistent Igbo translation/localization services at competitive rates. Utilizing customized Translation Memory (TM), we ensure high quality and affordable prices no matter how big your project is.

Same like Yoruba, Igbo is a tonal language. There are over 20 Igbo dialects, some of which are not mutually intelligible, which made standardization of Igbo a difficult task. A standard written form has been in use since 1962. That is why only a native-speaking, in-country linguist can accurately deliver your Igbo message.

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At BayanTech, we hire only native-speaking, in-country linguists with extensive subject-matter expertise. With a team of talented localization engineers, stringent QA steps, and professional project managers, we are committed to deliver nothing short of a perfect quality for your Igbo translation project.