Kinyarwanda: A Language that Unites

Kinyarwanda is the official language of Rwanda and a dialect of the Rwanda-Rundi language spoken by 12 million people in Burundi and adjacent parts of southern Uganda. The total number of Kinyarwanda-speaking people is approximately 20 million.

In addition to being spoken by all Rwandans, it is also understood and used at a certain extent by a big number of people in areas surrounding Rwanda. It is also very closely related to Kirundi, the language of Burundi.

Despite the ethnic diversity in Rwanda and Uganda, one thing remained unified, language.

With only less than 10% of the population able to speak English or French, translating your message to Kinyarwanda is the only way you get access to the Rwandan customer base.

With Rwanda’s fast-growing tourism sector, the demand for Kinyarwanda translations is on the rise. Additionally, over the last few years, the boom of new technological applications used in various sectors of life in Rwanda has significantly increased the demand for technical translation/localization.

Recently, the use of computers and the Internet has become part of everyday activities of a big and increasing number of people in Rwanda. The expansion of the use of computers has gone parallel with the boom in the use of mobile phones with an estimate of 5,155,697 in 2012. Now, for example,  almost all banks in Rwanda are using Internet and mobile phone services to advertise their products and to facilitate the access to their products and services by their customers, making high-quality financial and banking translation crucial to providing a satisfactory service.

BayanTech unrivalled Kinyarwanda translations fill a long-standing gap in the African market.
A recent study analyzing the quality of Kinyarwanda technical translations concluded that a great percentage of translations are inaccurate and inconsistent, attributing this to the lack of subject-matter expertise, lack or scarcity of Kinyarwanda language references, and linguists being untrained to the usage of translation tools.

A couple of examples are

translating the term” web server” (a server computer that hosts Web pages and responds to requests from browsers) to “abakoresha urubuga kubabigize umwuga” (i.e., people who use the server …) is a proof that the translator does not know what concept the term refers to due to the lack of subject-matter knowledge.
“cookie” is “kuki” in the Microsoft’s approved terminology, but the translator uses “iperereza” (an equivalent term that does not fit at all) due to lack of terminology management.

BayanTech’s skilled, in-country, native-speaking Kinyarwanda translators specialize in numerous subject areas, including, health, education, and international trade.  Only a subject-matter expert translates your text making sure the appropriate industry terminology is used. All our linguists are trained to use groundbreaking terminology management tools. We invest in the latest language references and apply stringent QA steps, ensuring your Kinyarwanda message is precisely delivered with a local flavor that resonates with your target locale cultural nuances.BayanTech offers fast turnarounds, accuracy, and affordability with each Kinyarwanda translation project.