East Side Story

Lying at the juncture of Eurasia and Africa and of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean, the Middle East stands at the crossroads of civilizations

The Middle East, encompassing 17 countries

Stretches from Egypt and Syria to Saudi Arabia and Turkey


With a population exceeding

Million People

The number of Internet users exceeding

Million Users

The Middle East is a fertile and dynamic market

The Middle East is home to numerous ethnic groups

Like Arabs, Persians, Kurds, Turkoman, and Armenians, creating a unique cultural diversity. Among the major languages spoken in the Middle-Eastern region are Arabic, the most widely used language, Turkish, Persian (or Farsi), Kurdish, and Hebrew

BayanTech translation and localization services  extend to reach all Middle Eastern languages including the rare and challenging ones

The Middle East…Just around the Corner

The Middle East region has generally been considered as a major business hub. However, the cultural diversity and linguistic distinction can be an impediment to expanding your market to the Middle East.Reaching out to a customer base requires a clear and effective communication process that can be achieved only through a reliable localization service to ensure establishing consumer relationships and brand loyalty. Only a native-speaking, culturally aware linguist is able to see the cultural norms and foresee the potential pitfalls

Backed by a huge in-house production team and a wide network of proficient in-country linguists, we offer a comprehensive set of translation and localization services in all Middle Eastern languages, guaranteeing a locale-specific product that appeals to your target audience.With a robust QA system, many years of experience, and a dedication to excellence, BayanTech delivers a customer-centered product/service. We help our clients cross the stumbling blocks on the road to a global market, bringing the Middle East closer…just around the corner.