An Ancient Language and a Novel Translation Approach

Today, Hebrew is spoken by a total of 9 million people worldwide. Hebrew is one of the world’s oldest languages.Standard Hebrew was based on Mishnaic spelling and Sephardi Hebrew pronunciation, while Modern Hebrew spoken today adopts the Assyrian script, a stylized square form of the Aramaic script.

Hebrew is read and written from right to left (RTL), which requires specific format and tools. We, at BayanTech, not only support RTL languages but also have the capability, resources, and professional localization engineers that enable us to deal with bi-directional texts (texts that include both RTL and LTR languages)


Hebrew is a very concise language: text expansion of about 50% is to be expected when translating from Hebrew to English.  At BayanTech, we understand that the exceptional quality of a translation will not be paid attention to unless the layout is appealing and well-organized. We don’t deal with problems on an ad hoc basis; we plan, solve, and apply. Our localization engineers apply the industry best practices, perfectly managing text compression/expansion problems.

We offer a wide array of services in Hebrew, including but not limited to: website localization, desktop publishing, E-learning, marketing translation, and medical translation.

Hebrew dialects include Yemenite, Mizrahi, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi.

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Hebrew Translation Masters

BayanTech relies on a wide network of certified, expert, native-speaking Hebrew linguists. Our dedicated project managers assign each project only to linguists with subject-matter expertise, ensuring clear and natural Hebrew translations.
Utilizing cutting-edge technology tools, we guarantee fast turnaround at competitive prices. We cater for RTL languages, supporting all Hebrew character sets.
Throughout our many years of experience in the translation industry, we worked on a huge variety of Hebrew translation projects, which accumulatively shaped our success formula. Our ISO-certified Hebrew translation services cover almost every business vertical, ensuring a consistently accurate translation is delivered each time.