Adding Precision to Accuracy

Back translation is the process of translating a document that has already been translated into a foreign language back to the original language by an independent translator who had not been previously involved in the project. Additionally, translating a document to English (where English is the target language) is sometimes referred to as back translation.


Whether your target language is English or any other language, back translation is all about adding extra quality checks; it is usually recommended for highly sensitive material where extreme accuracy is required, for instance, legal documents, informed consent forms, market surveys, medical forms, pharmaceutical queries, and marketing materials.


In a clinical trial, for instance, the smallest mistake can prove to be extremely costly. Likewise, marketing materials with one culturally inappropriate word or phrase can create controversy and put irretrievable time, efforts, and opportunities at stake.


For many organizations and institutions, like Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and Ethics committees, having a back translation is an essential legal and regulatory requirement.

BayanTech guarantees accurate forward translation through our meticulous 3-eye QA procedures. With our back translation, we add precision to accuracy by offering an additional independent, native-speaking eye, providing flawless translations.

Moreover, back translation is very helpful for clients translating to a language they are not familiar with, giving them the chance to check translations for equivalence of meaning. With our diligent back translations, clients are reassured that their most critical materials are in safe hands.

Our professional project managers assign your back translation project to a native-speaking, in-country, in-house linguist with wide subject-matter experience. Once the back translation is done, any ambiguous words/expressions or distinct discrepancies between source and target languages are carefully addressed, delivering translations that can’t be more precise.