Rare IS Precious

While there can be numerous language service providers (LSPs) offering their services for English, Spanish, Arabic, or Japanese, it is usually hard to find a LSP offering its services in Zulu or Khmer and even harder to find a reliable and competent one.

BayanTech assures its clients that they need not search any further. We pride ourselves on contributing to the preservation of the rarest languages through offering quality translation/localization services, overcoming multi-faceted challenges stretching from finding qualified linguists and training them to the lack of state-of-the-art translation tools.

We give even the rarest language a voice and help our clients reach their target audience wherever they are, whatever language they speak. Here’re some of the rare languages we support:

Assyrian Kanuri Dyula
Kunama Fijian Guyanese Creole
Tongan Tok Pisin Tibetan
Mandinka & Malinke Solomon Pidgin Eastern Kayah
Venda, Tasonga & Ndebele Maori Tigre
Fulani Maninke Zomi
Urhobo Ga

et cetera


If you cannot see your target language in the list

Long-Tail Languages…Shorter Time to Market

With the digital age empowering many mother-tongue language groups beyond those of leading markets like English, France, Spanish, and Italian, a lot of global brands now increase their revenues dramatically through taking their products/services to emerging markets, leading to a drastic increase in the demand for  long-tail languages, languages which were previously conceived as economically unimportant.

As the cost of online access continues to drop and more people have access online all over the world, allowing speakers of long-tail languages to stay connected to their home language and culture, even if they are far away, greater significance will continue to be given to long-tail languages.

However, long-tail markets are often developing economies that lack many of the common conveniences we take for granted in leading markets. For example, Internet access may be spotty. New translators may have a hard time acquiring a computer — let alone keeping it secure. Elements of first-world payment processing like banks and direct deposit may not exist in some target locales. Most importantly, there can be a lack of qualified bilingual translators. All of these factors might lead to costly delays.


BayanTech has the resources and capabilities that enable it to support rare or long-tail languages. We have the commitment, creativity, and attention to detail that are crucial to providing quality translation/localization services for rare languages. We adopt a transparent project management system, especially for rare languages projects, where clients get access to our detailed plan for recruiting, training, provisioning hardware, software, Internet access, and other critical tools to do the job.

We are well –aware that a one-minute delay can sometimes prove costly. Hence, we make sure your project is delivered on time and on budget, even with the rarest target languages.

Our proven record of rare languages projects reassures our clients that no matter how big or complicated their projects are, we are always ready with outstanding resource management system and groundbreaking tools to assist you in breaking into new markets.