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The main advantage of proper game translation and localization to your target audience: Imagine your loyal gamers on their way home after a long, boring day at work or school, roads are too crowded and they are stuck, but they don’t mind because they have their favorite game with them, they start playing, the graphics are great, the music is thrilling, and just when they get immersed in the game and it is getting really exciting, they get distracted by awkward, incomprehensible translations. Feeling that the game is not meant for them, they stop playing your game.

This is what you NEVER want your end-users to experience. Poor-quality of your game translation can lead to market share losses or even recall of the product.

Game Translation and Localization:

why Game Translation?

With the global games market expected to reach $113 billion by 2018, the gaming market is rapidly growing.
With the fast growth of the gaming industry arises the need to reach out to a global audience and ensuring global success cannot be made possible without a reliable localization partner that totally understands games localization from a linguistic and cultural standpoint.

BayanTech guarantees your endeavors to bring your game translation to a broader audience come to fruition through smoothly crossing linguistic and cultural barriers. Our top-quality game Translation and localization services aim at providing an equally enjoyable experience for gamers all over the world, regardless of their mother tongues and cultural backgrounds.
We offer our game translation and localization services in all Middle Eastern and African languages in addition to European and Asian languages,  including rare and challenging languages.With a team of talented, creative linguists with a strong passion for games, top-notch technology, wide experience, and ISO-certified quality assurance process, we hold all the aces to make sure you win the localization game with the highest score.

Roll the Localization Dice

Turning Game Translation Challenges into Rewarding Market Opportunities

Games translators face an array of obstacles and challenges not found in any other translation genre. Our extensive experience and seamless automated workflow help us turn these challenges into opportunities. We masterfully shuffle games localization and translation cards and help our clients play their strongest card: Market Expansion.