Always the Right Meaning

Interpretation Services:

BayanTech provides turnkey interpretation services (simultaneous and consecutive) to several events starting from educational workshops to large conferences, providing top-notch technical equipment to ensure the highest standard interpretation service. All our interpreters are certified. We select interpreters who have the subject-matter expertise and the talent that qualify them to make split-second decisions while making certain the right meaning is always delivered.
With an extensive network of professional interpreters and dedicated project management team, we pride ourselves on contributing to the success of many international conferences and meetings.

Marketing, Legal and Medical Interpretation Service

BayanTech offers its impeccable interpretation services in a wide array of industries, including legal, medical, and marketing interpretation.
Our certified interpreters are excessively scrutinized. Only interpreters with proven record and extensive expertise join our team.
Successful interpreters possess a unique set of skills that enable them to meet the multi-faceted challenges of interpretation service. Unlike translators who have enough time to revise and recheck and can easily access dictionaries and glossaries, interpreters are required to achieve total accuracy in real-time without missing the tiniest detail of the original (source) speech.

Interpretation Services


Professional Interpretation Service:

Our interpreters also work in critical settings such as courts and hospitals, where misinterpretation can be a reason to appeal a verdict or put lives of patients at risk. Backed by extensive training and wide experience, our interpreters effectively handle the many elements that factor into interpreting quality, including technology, sound quality (speakers and microphones), fast rate of speech, usage of slang, idioms, and proverbs, background noise, speech defects, and accents. One of the most common reasons for misinterpretation is that the interpreter is unfamiliar with the subject matter.
Besides being bilingual, our interpreters have extraordinary problem-solving skills and full knowledge of the subject-matter terminology. Additionally, our interpreters utilize their great researching and organizational skills to make sure they are always well-prepared and briefed on the subject of the event. We provide all the specialized equipment required, including headsets, microphones, sound controllers, cabinets, and booths. Join our list of satisfied clients and rely on our exceptional interpretation services