Localization Engineering

Analyze, Localize, Finalize:

Localization engineers are the glue that sticks all the pieces of the localization process together. Localization engineering is indispensable to almost every step from the preliminary stage of setting work plans and estimating costs till the final delivery of the project. Localization engineers help project managers lay out each project’s road map and resolve any problems with source files, avoiding costly delays. Analyzing the types of files, localization engineers decide on the tools needed, extract texts to be distributed to translators, and prepare marked-up files to facilitate translation. During the localization phase, localization engineers are responsible for maintaining and updating Translation Memory (a uniquely built repository designed to hold each client’s previous translations which decreases costs and enhances translation quality). In addition to detecting and fixing bugs, engineers make certain, through rigorous quality check procedures, the engineering localized product/service works consistently across different languages.


Factors Of Localization – Industries:

Website, software, multimedia, or document localization, engineers put the localized text back into the source documents and ensure a user-friendly product/service. At BayanTech, our localization engineers go through strict selection phases to join our team, making sure they have not only the knowledge and technical expertise required but also the outstanding communication skills needed to interact with almost all other departments as well as external clients.
Once a project is submitted, our skillful localization engineers analyze and check the overall design and layout and make certain all the localizable strings are isolated from variables prior to text extraction and the product is free of embedded and concatenated strings, pinpointing imminent challenges and providing ultimate solutions so that the localization engineering process can begin on a good foundation.

Localization Engineering Problem Solving: 

With their extraordinary problem-solving skills, our localization engineers smoothly tackle the numerous technical problems that always arise with localization, ranging from text expansion and encoding issues to complex file types and formatting limitations, allowing linguists to concentrate on their core task and sparing them the hassle of technical issues.
Additionally, our localization engineers provide regular training to our linguists on the usage of translation (CAT) tools.
With more than a decade of experience under our belt and relying on our talented localization engineers, we easily handle all the technical problems that usually accompany right to left (RTL) and bi-directional languages.
At BayanTech, we invest in the latest technologies. Utilizing Unicode, we eliminate the challenges of conflicting encoding systems.
Bringing tech-savvy engineers and passionate linguists under one roof working hand-in-hand with the same goal of satisfying our clients, BayanTech guarantees a flawless localization engineering process.

Test More, Spend Less

In the post-localization stage, localization engineering plays a vital role in quality checking.
Our quality assurance checks for bugs fixing, cultural differences in various metrics such as currency, units of measure, and date format as well as proper formatting and layout.
At BayanTech, we apply rigorous functionality and compatibility tests and customize them to best fit each client’s project.
Testing allows for detecting any functional, layout, or linguistic problems and guarantee your product is ready to hit the global road.
Conforming to the strict ISO regulations, our clients are reassured that we offer incomparable localization engineering services.