Set the Right Tone

Dubbing differs from voiceover in that the original audio is completely replaced by the translated version. As international box office has become increasingly important, especially for animated and family-oriented films, the studios are making ever-bigger investments in dubbed versions.  However, barriers to a quality dubbing service are multiple-fold.

Not only do the voices of the impersonating actors/actresses have to match the original character but also perfect lip synchronization needs to be achieved while maintaining the same dialogue in another language. Tone is as important as dialogue to avoid awkward dubbed versions and ensure character synchrony. For example, casting an old actor/actress for a younger character or an authoritative voice for a romantic character can create a barrier between audience and the audiovisual material.

Moreover, texts of certain languages most probably become shorter or longer when translated into the target language. For instance, Arabic is known to be a poetic language with many lengthy expressions. When synchronization is to be achieved, then short texts will have to be prolonged and long ones shortened to synchronize with the spoken utterances. This may affect the quality of good dialogue which is why a standard translator is not enough…a translator with unique artistic talents are required.

BayanTech combines the three main pillars of an outstanding-quality dubbing service: a faithful and artistic translation of the original dialogue, perfectly synchronized lip movements, and the unique skill of casting the right voice talents that best suit the original characters.

We select from a wide network of talented voice actors/actresses, providing a dubbed version that feels authentic and make your audience feel it is an original version. We offer our dubbing services to a large number of languages, with special focus on Middle-Eastern and African languages. We have a proven record of several successful dubbing projects. Our services include not only a huge variety of languages, but also we cater for different dialects of one language.

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Bridging cultural gaps so that the translated content would fit your target locale cultural beliefs and utilizing fully equipped studios with groundbreaking technology tools, we make sure your dubbed version is in harmony with the original one.

Take advantage of our experience and wide resources and be sure your dubbed product receives wide acclaim.