The Rise of the Technophiles

With the software industry considered as one of the fastest-growing and the constant advances in technology, the localization and translation industry is becoming more technology-driven than ever to embrace the impacts of software innovations.Software users have come to expect their software to speak their mother tongues. Not only is it a matter of convenience, but also a matter of productivity. Users who fully understand a product will be more skilled in handling it and will better realize its functionalities. With the majority of users preferring applications in their language and adapted to their cultural environment, a great percentage of software companies now choose to expand their markets through software localization, with an estimation of a more than 26% increase in revenue. 
Besides the competitive edge and the smoother market penetration that software localization offers, it also projects a strong international image that builds credibility and brand loyalty. Another advantage is reducing overseas support costs by offering a more comprehensible product.

The Word Engineer

Software localization is a substantially complex process that requires putting together the efforts of engineers and linguists.Avoiding a garbled text, cut-off sentences, or worse, nonfunctional localized software involves overcoming major hurdles. Stumble blocks can range from concatenated strings, ineffective encoding systems, and limited support to some file types to text size variations and character sets that don’t support bi-directional languages.On another level, linguistic challenges include translating technology terms that don’t have equivalents in many languages other than English and localizing regional-specific content that encompasses numerous idioms and locale-specific cultural references.Analyzing the technical and linguistic issues involved and planning ahead the solutions that best suit each project, BayanTech provides premium software localization services for all Middle-Eastern and African languages.

The Localization Joker

BayanTech invests in the most advanced technology tools, supporting all file types and character sets for both right-to- left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR) languages.Putting our clients’ best interest ahead and being an ISO-certified organization, we accept nothing less than a perfect quality of our services/products. Within this framework, all our linguists are certified native speakers of the target language with subject-matter expertise.We work towards delivering a service that goes beyond mere translation of words. With extreme attention to details, we guarantee a fully localized product, where dates, currency, graphs, colors, measurements, and images are to be culturally adjusted to the target audience, aiming at the absolute satisfaction of our clients’ end-users.The localized software is rigorously tested to make sure it operates effectively. Our skillful, meticulous QA team ensures every step of the process meets industry standards and eliminates time-consuming rework and costly delays.
We utilize customized regularly updated Translation Memory (TM) tools, guaranteeing a top-quality service that helps you hit the market on time and on budget.