“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

Provides a vast array of translation and localization services for Middle Eastern and African languages. Our distinction is woven from our 11 years of experience and our dedicated in-house team of talented linguists, professional project managers, and skillful engineers.

The word “translation" means "a carrying across" or "a bringing across.” We believe that translation is not mere science; it is science and art combined.It involves much more than understanding what each word in a text means.
We apply the industry best practices and invest in novel technologies, ensuring an uncompromised quality of services.
It is the art of transforming a whole context into a different language while precisely “bringing across” the same meaning, taking into consideration the appropriateness of translations for the target audience.

Balancing accuracy and naturalness has always been a challenge for linguists.

To accurately render the meaning of the source text without distortion while at the same time the translation appears to a native speaker of the target language to have originally been written in that language is a riddle only few are able to solve.


At BayanTech, we make sure accuracy is strictly maintained across all services through our meticulous quality assurance procedures:

Accuracy is the backbone of the translation service. Hence, delivering precisely the same meaning of the source text without any ambiguities is the ultimate aim of a linguist.

One main step in our diligent QA steps is reviewing the source text against the translated text by an in-country, native-speaking linguist with subject-matter expertise, ensuring the translation is absolutely faithful to the original text.
Our linguists pass through rigorous selection phases to join our team. We hire only certified and experienced native speakers who believe that translation is not just a job but rather a means by which people are to be introduced to another world and perceive new aspects.
Thanks to our skillful vendor management and our highly qualified project managers, we have a wide network of passionate linguists and a project is to be assigned only to a linguist with extensive subject-matter expertise.

We use all the major CAT tools (e.g., Trados, SDLX, Passalo, MemoQ, and Across), as well as terminology standardization tools and style guides, guaranteeing that accuracy and consistency are maintained within a cost-effective and fast service.


A correct translation is not necessarily natural.

  • A language is not merely a collection of words & grammar

    For generating sentences, but also a vast interconnecting system of connotations and cultural references whose mastery require a culturally aware native speaker.
  • Eye for Detail & Word Crafting

    With linguists who have an eye for detail and the skill of always choosing the right words, we make sure the translated text has a local look and feel and is perfectly adjusted to agree with the locale-specific cultural norms and beliefs.
  • QA Procedure

    The last step in our QA procedure involves proofreading the translated text by a native-speaking, subject-matter expert to refine the language and ensure the text is smooth and natural as if it was originally written in the target language.
  • Opening Doors

    Untying the 2 main knots of the translation industry, BayanTech is an ally that helps its clients confidently open the doors of new markets and firmly establish their brands globally.
  • Natural Translation

    For a message to cross the linguistic and cultural barriers, it has to overcome the conundrum of unnaturalness.