Give Your Message a Global Voice

BayanTech provides top-notch voiceover services for a wide range of languages. We have the expertise required to deal with a wide variety of file formats.

Our voice-over services include

  • Source transcription (converting spoken language to written text)
  • Translation and localization of the text to the target language
  • Recording translated text over the original voice.

Be it a documentary, a news broadcast, or E-learning material, we guarantee the highest-quality voiceover.

However, some imminent hurdles have to be overcome in order to deliver high-quality voiceover services.

One of the common problems is a toneless voiceover that doesn’t take into consideration intonation and modulation aspects, which results in a boring monotonic voiceover, and language ambiguities and misunderstandings in the worst case scenario.

At BayanTech, all our voiceover specialists are not only native speakers of the target language but also talented voice experts who know how to vary their intonation patterns to convey the right meaning through their voices.

We bear in mind the purpose of your project and your target audience to ensure the voiceover of your audio-visual content is in tune with your customers.

Providing professional studios and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure the recording time of the target language is synced to match the duration of the original audio, making certain our voiceover solutions exceed your quality expectations and match your budget and timeframe.

To listen to our voice-over samples