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Why Choose bayantech?

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With a blend of experience and skill, bayantech provides expert services, designed to meet your needs for quality and efficiency.

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Assured Translation

Thanks to our ISO standards and thorough quality assurance processes, we are committed to providing nothing but the highest quality.

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Human-Powered Translation

bayantech relies on a global network of +4000 seasoned translators who combine linguistic experience with subject-matter expertise.

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+15 Years of

For years, we've developed expertise across industries and project scales so you can be confident your project is in expert hands.

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Flexible Turnarounds

bayantech has the capacity and capabilities to provide timely project delivery, meeting tight schedules while upholding high quality.

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Technological Advantage

As a technology-driven translation company, bayantech uses the latest translation technology to maximize accuracy and efficiency.

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24/7 Support

We are committed to serving our clients across all major time zones, providing the support you need - whenever you need it.

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Client Satisfaction

We put you first, always providing what’s right for you and ensuring a great service through reliable, fast, and accurate solutions.

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Affordable Rates

Professional language translation services at affordable rates and flexible pricing plans. Get a free quote to see for yourself.

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Complete Security

bayantech respects your privacy and protects your data. We are ISO and GDPR-compliant and use NDAs for absolute confidentiality.

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+100 Languages Support

High quality translation services in any language you need, from Middle Eastern and African languages to Asian and European ones.

Introducing bayantech

We invite you to explore our full-service translation and localization agency in more detail and find out how we offer our partners the right support.

Get All Your Translation and Localization Needs in One Place

Looking for professional translation services in Dubai? You can count on bayantech to be your one trusted partner to manage it all.

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bayantech offers a broad range of professional content translation services. As an Arabic translation company in Dubai, we offer Arabic translation services including Arabic document translation, website translation services, and more.

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

For professional Arabic translation and other languages translation, our DTP specialists optimize your translated materials to appeal to your target audience.

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With our eLearning and education translation services, we offer you smart and functional courses in any language, on all devices.

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We offer expert proofreading services, ensuring your message is 100% error-free and helping you publish flawless and fluent content.

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Machine Translation Post-Editing

Our trained editors bring the much needed human touch to maximize the quality of your MT output and ensure effective translations.

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Website Localization

Our website localization services and app localization services adapt your platforms to new markets, ensuring accuracy and relevancy. If you want to translate your website into Arabic, we are your Arabic website translation agency of choice.

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Accurate and Effective Translation Solutions to Connect with
the World Better and Faster.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

bayantech has experts for every industry, always ready to help on the spot. We offer high quality, specialized translation services for businesses no matter the industry.

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Video Game

bayantech adapts all elements of your game, creating authentic and immersive experiences to millions of gamers around the world.

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Technology & Software Translation

Our expert software localization services ensure your software hits the highest level of accuracy and usability for global users.

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bayantech teams localize your eCommerce platforms, bringing efficient and personalized shopping experiences to your audiences.

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Get the best legal translation services in Dubai by legal experts. Our certified legal document translation services include contracts, patents...etc.

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We offer certified medical translation services; precise and compliant, including medical records translation services, clinical trial translation, and more.

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We provide trustworthy financial translation services; flawless and consistent for your business to operate globally with confidence.



With accuracy, relevancy, and persuasion in mind, our marketing translation helps you hit the right message to reach and sell more.



If you need technical translation in Dubai,we can help. Our technical translation services are precise, effective, and compliant.


Travel and
Tourism Translation

bayantech helps tourism and hospitality businesses, creating high quality and engaging multilingual content for their target markets.

Global Languages Support

Professional translation and localization solutions in more than 120 languages. Choose your next business venture,
point to the map, and leave the rest to bayantech.

bayantech Achievements

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