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If you want to tap into new markets, launching your products or services to a diverse set of customers, then website localization is the smartest business decision you can make.

bayantech will support your business expansion plans. We put you on the right track to grow through localizing your websites and making them accessible, efficiently functional, and appealing to new audiences in every language and every market.

Website Localization for the Future of Your International Business

Your website is the first point of contact for your customers. This digital presence is the first impression of your business because it’s a representation of everything your business is and has to offer to your customers. If you want to leave a strong first and lasting impression, then relevancy in content, design, and usability (aka website localization) is the key, and the statistics are compelling.

  • 72% of consumers spend all or most of their time on websites that are in their own language
  • 60% of online shoppers rarely or never buy from English-only websites
  • 75% prefer to buy products in their native language
  • 50% responded they consider language even more important than price

If they can’t read, they won’t buy!

bayantech provides customized website localization solutions!

Website Localization 101

Localization (L10n) is adapting a website to a specific locale or market in terms of content, design, and usability. While the lines between localization and translation might be blurry, localization and translation are never the same thing.

Translation is part of the localization process, where meaning is conveyed from one language to another.

Localization is more extensive; it goes beyond text. It also takes into consideration the following aspects: adaptation of design and layout, cultural preferences including expressions, slang, and idioms, in addition to graphics and images, formatting, as well as local and regulatory requirements.

In this regard, website localization doesn’t mean creating different language versions of your website only. Rather, it’s more of developing a relevant, familiar experience to your audiences that should give the impression of being uniquely designed for them. In other words, it is all about innovating to transform the full experience for your new customers in each target market, where the ultimate goal is to empower your market growth.

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bayantech Localization Process: Research. Localize. Test

Plan & Research

The success of your project hinges on effective project management, and it starts with a thorough planning process. It’s the roadmap for your whole project from start to finish, which ensures a seamless localization process. Our diligent project manager makes an overall assessment; identifies your business objectives; creates a meticulous strategy; and sets up a project schedule to optimize your workflow.
Research. Research. Research. Every solid website localization strategy is built on deep research. Once you identify your targeted markets, we conduct extensive research to provide detailed insights on the market. Meanwhile, our technical team runs a thorough analysis of different CMSs, tools, and technologies to help boost quality and reduce cost.

Translate & Localize

This is when all project instructions and guidelines are put into action. Professional locally-based native-speaking translators are assigned to the translation tasks based on their subject-matter expertise. This is followed by a stringent reviewing process by additional linguists to ensure high-quality content that’s linguistically, contextually, and culturally accurate and suitable suitable for the target audience.
Our localization engineers and DTP specialists take over, handling the technical and functional features of the localized website. They prepare the website to conveniently display the translated content. This entails adjusting layout and design, user interface, spacing, text expansion, text direction, site navigation..etc.

QA Testing​

This is the last step prior to website launch, where extensive QA (Quality Assurance) testing is performed. This QA testing ensures both the integrity and functionality of your website. Expert linguists team up with technical and localization engineers to make sure your website content is free of any linguistic/cultural inconsistencies or functionality/usability issues.

bayantech Website Localization Services - We Localize the FULL Experience

bayantech offers reliable website localization services that cover all Middle Eastern and African languages, in addition to the major languages of Europe and Asia. With a unique mix of expertise and technology, we localize, optimize, and launch your website in new markets, helping your business get moving.  The quality of a localization project is determined by the linguistic capabilities and innovative technologies of your translation partner. At bayantech, we have what it takes and more, which makes us your ideal partner of choice.

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