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bayantech Website Localization Services – We Localize the FULL Experience

At bayantech, we specialize in designing multilingual websites and web software that effectively engage users globally and drive real results for our clients. Our multidisciplinary team brings years of experience and deep knowledge to make your ideas come to life across languages and cultures.

With bayantech’s end-to-end website localization services, you can focus on your core business while we handle every aspect of your multilingual website. We rely on a handpicked network of skilled translators, designers, engineers, subject matter experts, and translation project managers.

We combine cutting-edge tools with full human translation, rigorous quality control, and testing to streamline all processes and deliver top-quality translations and localized experiences on time and budget.

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Website Localization Services Tailored to Your Needs
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Strategically Dominate Global Markets with Website Localization

Your website is the first point of contact with potential customers and shapes their first experience with your brand. If visitors struggle to read content or easily navigate pages, they will leave feeling frustrated – and you lose customers!

To truly engage local audiences, you need to speak their language both literally and culturally, and this is where website localization services become your winning card. Tailoring your website to the technical and cultural preferences of your market creates a smooth, seamless journey that drives customers’ trust and satisfaction.

40% of international consumers will never buy from websites in other languages.

88% of online shoppers won’t return to a site after one bad user experience.

60% of consumers rarely or never buy from English-only websites.

84% of marketers reported positive revenue growth after localization efforts.

End-to-End Support for All Your Website Localization Needs

bayantech is more than a translation partner. We provide full support at every step of the localization process. From content translation and cultural adaptation to design, testing, and optimization — you can leave it all to us. Our website localization services cover:

  • Translation and Cultural Adaptation

Adapting textual content to the linguistic and cultural requirements of each target market.

  • Tailored UX/UI Design

Designing interfaces and user experiences that account for diverse cultural preferences and language formatting.

  • International SEO

Optimizing website content for international search engines and search queries in your target market’s language.

  • Multimedia Localization

Adapting your multimedia content, including audio, video, animation, and subtitles for cultural resonance.

  • Marketing Transcreation

Crafting marketing materials that resonate with local consumers while preserving brand voice.

  • Mobile Optimization

Ensuring a seamless user experience on different mobile devices across languages and regions.

bayantech Website Localization Process: We Plan, Localize, and Test


Planning and Research

The success of website localization hinges on effective project management, and it starts with a thorough planning process. It’s the roadmap for your whole project from start to finish, which ensures seamless processes. Our diligent project manager makes an overall assessment; identifies your business objectives; creates a meticulous strategy; and sets up a project schedule to optimize your workflow.

Every solid website localization strategy is built on deep research. Once you identify your targeted markets, we conduct extensive research to provide detailed insights into the market. Meanwhile, our technical team runs a thorough analysis of different CMSs, tools, and technologies to help boost quality and reduce cost.

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Translation and Localization

This is when all project instructions and guidelines are put into action. Professional locally-based native-speaking translators are assigned to the website translation tasks based on their subject-matter expertise.

This is followed by a stringent reviewing process by additional linguists to ensure high quality multilingual content that’s linguistically, contextually, and culturally accurate and suitable for the target audience.

Our localization engineers and DTP specialists take over, handling the technical and functional features of the localized website. They prepare the website to conveniently display the translated content. This entails adjusting layout and design, user interface, spacing, text expansion, text direction, site navigation, etc.

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Post-Localization QA Testing

This is the last step before the website launch, where extensive QA (Quality Assurance) testing is performed. This QA testing ensures both the integrity and functionality of your website. Expert linguists team up with technical and localization engineers to ensure your website content is free of any linguistic and cultural inconsistencies or issues in functionality and usability.

What Makes bayantech Different?

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What Is Website Localization?

Localization (often abbreviated to L10n) is adapting a website to a specific locale or market in terms of content, design, and usability. It’s an extensive process that includes the adaptation and customization of multiple aspects:

  • User interface design and layout
  • Cultural references (expressions, slang, idioms)
  • Images, fonts, color palettes
  • Regulatory and technical requirements

Effective website localization requires a deep understanding of your audience’s cultural context and the integration of local behavior, preferences, and expectations. When done right, website localization services deliver a personalized user experience that is culturally appropriate and locally relevant to local users.

What Is the Difference between Translation and Localization?

While the terms localization and translation are often used interchangeably, they refer to different processes with completely different outcomes. Yet, translation and localization go hand in hand when catering to international audiences.

Localization is a comprehensive strategy that considers all elements of the user experience, both textual and visual. Translation, on the other hand, is one step within the website localization workflow, where language is used to convey the meaning of content in another language.

Translation ensures that written content is accessible and understandable to customers in their own language. Whereas, localization aims to build an intuitive experience that feels familiar to target audiences and reflects local conventions in design, currency, navigation, and more. (Learn more in our blog Website Localization Best Practices)


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