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The Video Game Industry and The World’s Most Active Gaming Community

The global gaming market is gigantic. The industry revenue amounted to $151.9Bn in 2019 and will generate $159.3Bn in 2020. It’s about to get more interesting. According to Newzoo, MENA is home to the world’s most active gaming community, where the gaming market is set to triple in size to $4.4Bn by 2022. In UAE only, the games market generated $283M in 2019. And, while there are 2.7 billion gamers around the world, game enthusiasts in the Middle East and Africa will be a total of 377 million in 2022, and they want to play in their own language.

So, where does this leave us?

Translating and localizing your game into Arabic is your winning go-to-market strategy to capitalize on the potential of this fastest-growing market of the Middle East and Africa. It’s the new gold rush to take your game to the next level.

Video game localization is your way in, and bayantech will make it easy and quick for you!

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bayantech Video Game Localization Services: We Do Video Game Localization Right First Time!

bayantech offers top-quality video game localization services in 266 languages, giving millions of gamers around the globe smooth access and immersive gaming experiences to thousands of world-famous games.

Games are fun but video game localization is complex and challenging. It involves the full experience where we ensure your game matches the language, cultural, contextual, social, political, historical, moral, and religious considerations as well as the technical preferences of your target audience.

With a blend of experience and passion for games, a solid linguistic team, cutting-edge technology, and our ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certified quality assurance systems, bayantech holds all the right cards to provide your passionate gamers with a competent, engaging localized game experience, in a way that makes them feel at home, regardless of their mother tongue and cultural background. Our unparalleled capability and scale enable us to make your game appeal and resonate with your audience, with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

It’s why bayantech is recognized for doing things right the first time, every time!

What Makes bayantech Different?

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bayantech Video Games Services

We provide comprehensive world-class quality mobile and video game localization services
that meet the requirements of your project and exceed your expectations – but never your budget.

Localization of
In-Game Assets

  • Text (Interfaces and Subtitles)
  • Audio (Dubbing)
  • Creatives (Artwork and
    In-Game Graphics)

Localization Testing

Localization of
Marketing Assets

  • Packaging (Labels and
    Owner’s Manuals…etc.)
  • Game Websites
  • Print and Digital Advertising

Build Awesome Games, Localize, and Power-Up Your Revenue

Allow Gamers from All Around the World to
Experience Gaming to the Extreme

We help you give them unlimited access to various gaming genres:

Our Video Game Localization Process

bayantech teams expertly and efficiently manage your localization projects ensuring a seamless process and smooth execution. We have a systemized workflow, designed to meet our high-quality standards as well as your objectives.


Source File

A Project Quotation ​

Pre-Process Content and Develop Assets ​

Translation & Localization

You provide your
project files and meet
with one of our project
managers to discuss
your instructions and

We examine your source files and identify the content that needs translation including text, graphics, audio…etc.

We deliver a free quotation to our clients. Once we get the approval, we go into action.

We prepare the files
for localization,
extract all
translatable content,
and set process plans
and tools, such as
translation memories,
glossaries, and style

After our project
manager assigns the
right team with the
relevant subject-matter
expertise, the team
translates your game
files accurately and
creatively. They
might need to
transcribe your videos
and/or audios first
and create subtitles
as well.






We deliver on time and sometimes even ahead of schedule, making sure that we provide you not only with professional quality but also the best client experience.

We submit the files for your review and make any requested changes.

Our localization engineers perform stringent QA and localization testing to ensure that your game is technically accurate and highly functional – with no performance issues or bugs.

The translated text is copied into the code of your video game. Other translated materials, such as audio and video content, are converted into your preferred format.

We perform the first QA where our expert linguists review the content and recordings to ensure that they are 100% error-free, linguistically, culturally, and contextually.

Games translation and
localization services profile

Trusted by Global and Regional Brands and Businesses


Our Game Translators

For your game localization projects, we only trust translators who are native experts, innovators at work, and gamers at heart. Before getting started with your project, it’s vital they play your game to get a feel for it. Their linguistic mastery coupled with subject-matter expertise and deep cultural awareness allows them to mediate between different cultural elements, capture the mood, feel, and subtleties of the most complex games that extensively involve humor, slang, and idioms, and precisely reflect them in the localized versions of your game.

Super-Advanced Technology

We perfectly integrate the skills of our teams while equipping them with the right tools. Thanks to our industry-leading translation and localization tools, we automate and optimize our processes, ensuring quality and consistency, while driving costs down. Also, just as game developers are employing technology to create and reinvent games, bayantech’s localization engineers use top-notch technologies to achieve the utmost quality of the localized content and platforms.

bayantech Game Internationalization and Translation Tools

  • memoQ
  • Smartling
  • Memsource
  • XTM
  • Wordbee
  • Trados Studio
  • XTRF

bayantech supports simship “simultaneous shipping”, where you can release your multilingual versions of your game at the same time. This not only reduces any chances for pirating your game but also maximizes your profit and puts you ahead of the game.

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