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Customize the gaming experience for your gamers all over the world and reap the benefits with professional video game localization services.

video game localization services

bayantech Video Game Localization Services: Craft Immersive Gaming Experiences Worldwide

The global gaming market is gigantic. The industry revenue amounted to $151.9Bn in 2019 and will generate

bayantech offers top-quality video game localization services in 185 languages, giving millions of gamers around the globe smooth access and immersive gaming experiences to thousands of world-famous games.

Video games are fun but localizing games is complex and challenging. It involves carefully adapting the entire gaming experience to ensure that your game aligns with the linguistic, social, political, historical, and religious considerations, in addition to the technical preferences of your target market.

bayantech has a talented team of language professionals with the cultural understanding necessary to navigate these intricacies due to their experience in the games industry.

$159.3Bn in 2020. It’s about to get more interesting. According to Newzoo, MENA is home to the world’s most active gaming community, where the gaming market is set to triple in size to $4.4Bn by 2022. In UAE only, the games market generated $283M in 2019.

And, while there are 2.7 billion gamers around the world, game enthusiasts in the Middle East and Africa will be a total of 377 million in 2022, and they want to play in their own language.

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Why bayantech is Your Go-To Game Localization Company

Our video game localization services combine experience and passion for games with a strong linguistic team and super advanced technology. With our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified quality assurance systems, we hold all the right cards to provide passionate gamers with competent, engaging localized game experiences while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Working with expert video game translation services like bayantech will guarantee that your target audience enjoys an unforgettable experience, regardless of their native language and cultural background. What’s more, our scalable localization processes enable us to adapt your game internationally with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness – every time!

video game localization services

What Makes bayantech Different?

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Your One-Stop Video Game Localization Agency

We provide comprehensive, high quality mobile and video game localization services that meet the requirements of your project and exceed your expectations – but never your budget!

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Localization of In-Game Assets

  • Text: Adapting user interfaces, subtitles, and all textual elements in the game to the cultural context of your target region.
  • Audio: Providing professional dubbing services to bring your game’s characters to life in any language.
  • Visuals: Tailoring artwork, in-game graphics, and other creative assets to be culturally appropriate while maintaining your original game’s look and feel.
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Localization Testing

  • Our quality assurance team performs comprehensive localization testing to identify and resolve any linguistic, cultural, or technical issues, guaranteeing a flawless gaming experience.

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Localization of Marketing Assets

  • Packaging: Adapting game packaging, labels, and owner’s manuals to ensure compliance with local regulations and consumer expectations.
  • Websites: Creating compelling, localized versions of your game’s website to effectively promote your title in each target market.

Expert Game Localization Team

With bayantech video game localization services, you can guarantee that your project is in the capable hands of in-country, native experts. Because one contextual mistake can offend your audience and hurt your business, we only trust professional translators who are native speakers, innovators at work, and gamers at heart. Our game translators have the linguistic proficiency and deep cultural awareness needed to navigate different cultural elements. They can skillfully capture the feel and subtleties of your game that feature humor, slang, and idioms and convey it in the target language, ensuring cultural sensitivity and resonance.

video game localization services

Reap the Benefits of Our Powerful Game Localization Tools

We perfectly integrate the skills of our teams while equipping them with the right game localization tools. Thanks to our industry-leading translation and localization tools, we automate and optimize our processes, ensuring quality and consistency, while driving costs down.

Also, just as game developers are using technology to create and reinvent games, bayantech’s localization engineers use top-notch technologies to achieve the utmost quality of localized content and platforms.

bayantech Game Localization Tools:

  • memoQ
  • Smartling
  • Memsource
  • XTM
  • Wordbee
  • Trados Studio
  • XTRF

Our Video Game Localization Process

bayantech teams expertly and efficiently manage your localization projects ensuring a seamless process and smooth execution. We have a systemized workflow, designed to meet our high-quality standards as well as your objectives.

video game localization services

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Allow Gamers from All Around the World to Experience Gaming at the Extreme

With bayantech video game localization services, you can easily give your audience unlimited access to various gaming genres:

video game localization services

Professional Translation Services for All Industries

bayantech offers innovative translation and localization services across a range of industries.

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We help you expand your business with our professional language translation service,
supporting the most challenging languages.

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