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Make Your Book Available to Readers Worldwide With Literary Translation

The main characteristic of the human race is its capacity to produce written language. Throughout history, this capacity led to the creation of what we know as literature. 

Modern literature is the product of the developments that led to imprint, because imprint brought to us the book and, therefore, to book publishing.

Make Your Book Available to Readers Worldwide With Literary Translation

In today’s globalized world, books cross innumerable borders, and every day they get to new readers far from where they originated. One of the essentials to take literature to any part of the world is translation.

Through translation, we gain insight into foreign literature, fiction, and history. To some extent, it binds us together. But, however wonderful it may sound, every author knows that it’s not easy to reach an international audience.

The purpose of this post is to prove that literary translation must be the result of dedicated teamwork and that for that reason Bayan-tech is the best partner you could desire for the task

For foreign readers, your book will only be as good as its translation

Professional Book Translation Services to Meet Your Needs

In literary translation, a translator’s primary responsibility is to convey to a target language the intentions of an author. To honor the original work they have to translate within literary & artistic genres (plays, poetry, short stories, comics, novels, etc), and not just translate information literally.

But that’s not all.

Translators also have to understand the source language and target language cultural contexts when translating. For instance, a translation from Arabic to Norwegian should reflect the cultural context of both languages.

Professional Book Translation Services to Meet Your Needs

Literary figures, for instance, are one extremely complex element to translate. They were created in a specific cultural context, with many idiosyncratic references and a specific syntax. Translating them is a task that requires the meticulous and experienced attention of a translator.

With all this in mind, Bayan-Tech has developed a systematic translation mechanism with numerous translation solutions that takes good care of all the processes involved.

With everything from cultural contexts subtleties, to in-genre translation and literary figures translation, we’ve got you covered.

Our Media Translation Services

The Cultural Lens in Literary Translation Services

In the translations business, it’s common sense that literary translation is one of the most challenging types of translation. Literature is rooted in the national idiosyncrasy, the institutions, and the values of its place of origin. As a result, translating it into a foreign language poses considerable challenges.

Nevertheless, our team at Bayan-tech thrives on challenges and we’re deeply compromised on our mission to offer the most comprehensive language translation solutions, which now include literary translations.

Professional and Fast Media Translation Services for All Your Publishing and Media Needs

Our team of literary translators gathers:

Our holistic approach to book translation provides integral solutions to your project. We can provide you with:

At Bayan-tech, we’re aware of the delicate nature of literary translations, and the fact that a literary work could suffer considerable losses in translation. 

To meet top-quality standards, our quality assurance process is completed when a recent translation moves to the proofread phase. Our proofreaders search the documents to find any mistakes or flaws that should not get to the final product.

Besides that, with our latest translation tools and technology, we make sure that every literary translation project’s fee is as convenient as possible, also ensuring always a quick turnaround.

Bayan-tech saves your precious time & money.

Make your voice heard, and your words known across languages

Work Side by Side with Expert Translators

Bayan-tech’s translation services are intended to alleviate your burden and provide you with complete solutions for all of your book translation requirements. 

We translate your message into more than 100 languages for any audience you desire to reach. Our translation agency provides you with the most reliable and accurate book translation services to meet your needs.

Let the world read & love your words.

Work Side By Side With Expert Translators

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