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Expansion into the global market requires a strong and highly qualified translation company to help maximize your business potential. This is what bayantech is here for. Trusted by global and regional business leaders, bayantech is an ISO 9001 professional translation agency, offering customized, accurate, and smart languages services and developing effective communications that make an impact.

Your journey starts here and starts now. Our professional translation and localization services connect you with the world BETTER, FASTER, and SMARTER than ever. 

bayantech Services

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Translation Services

We offer ISO-certified professional document translation services, where our expert teams handle your documents with precision, efficiency, and speed.
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Website Localization Services

bayantech provides effective website translation and high-touch adaptable localization solutions, helping you localize and optimize your websites for a better and more accessible user experience.
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Multimedia Localization

Get your powerful media translated in various target languages. We translate and localize all types of multimedia content to promote your business and delight and inspire your customers worldwide.

Marketing Transcreation

Our transcreation services transform your content to boost your global marketing efforts, developing engaging messages that resonate with your multilingual audience.

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Machine Translation Post-Editing

Our professional translation and localization services include expert machine translation post-editing services that maximize machine intelligence and human craftsmanship for more fluent and accurate machine-translated content.
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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

With vast experience in the field and using the latest tools, our multilingual DTP service skillfully adapts the layout of your professionally translated content to match the international quality standards and the preferences of your target audience.
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eLearning Translation Services

bayantech offers professional translation and localization services in the eLearning sector, helping you achieve the objectives of your business as well as the learning goals of your audience.
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Software Localization

Our professional translation and localization services include effective software and app localization to adjust your software to the requirements of your new target markets, optimizing it to ensure local and global success.

Experience Always Wins the Day

As a global provider of professional translation services for almost two decades and with 634 million words translated, the experience we have gained over the course of these years across various business verticals, different projects and challenges, allows us to deliver unrivalled quality and exceptional services for our partners and be confident in our standards.

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We take the time to understand your business, do industry and market research, and find the most effective translation solutions that are right for your business. With our customizable approach and emphasis on quality, we offer professional translation and localization services – the best in the industry, putting you ahead of the competition always. 

We are experts; we are reliable and flexible.We have an impressive track record of successfully translated projects, which bears testimony to our unmatched experience, the quality of our work, and commitment. For professional translation and localization solutions, we are the go-to company for international expansion ambitions. No job is too big or complicated for bayantech team. 

Certified Translation and Localization Services

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Get the Most Efficient and Professional Translation and Localization Services

bayantech is proud to have what it takes to provide high quality translation and accurate localization. Our professional translation and localization services combine human capabilities and the power of advanced language and translation tools to get your message across, accurately and effectively.

With the help of a worldwide network of professional translators who are native speakers and subject-matter experts, they reach beyond words and deliver the right message, in a fluent and effective manner that matches the original tone and style. Our operations are streamlined by an agile translation management software. The support of our diligent project management and stringent quality assurance process ensures smooth planning and execution of your project and guarantees the highest levels of quality, while reducing turnaround time and keeping costs to a minimum.

Our professional translation and localization services are designed to take your business to the next level, with effective multilingual content that breaks through all barriers to your global expansion and bridges any gaps between you and your audience.

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