Professional Oromo Translation Services

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Certified Oromo Translations Services

Certified Oromo Translations Services

The Oromo language belongs to the Cushitic branch of Afroasiatic languages. The Oromo people, along with neighboring groups in the Horn of Africa, speak it predominantly as their native language. Specifically, it is widely spoken in Ethiopia and northeastern Kenya. In fact, there are over 36 million native speakers of Oromo in Ethiopia, making up 33.8% of the country’s total population.

bayantech provides a complete set of African languages translation solutions to meet the needs of clients requiring language translation services in Oromo. Our native Oromo linguists work around the clock to get your project completed, on time and on budget.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our Oromo translations are formulated by a team of native Oromo translators with subject-matter expertise in your industry niche, highly-trained proofreaders and editors, working side by side with the ultimate translation tools. And of course, every translation bayantech’s team produces is ISO-Certified and goes through rigorous quality assurance policies to ensure flawless outputs.

With this in mind, we can provide you with a wide range of Oromo linguistic services:

Our Areas of Expertise

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Oromo Document Translation Across Industries

Oromo Document Translation
Across Industries

Even though it’s a rare language, Oromo translations are needed in a wide variety of fields. And we’ve mastered the craft in all of them. Here’s a brief list of the most common Oromo translation services, divided by industry:

Legal Translation Services

Legal translations of Oromo texts must be as accurate as possible in order to properly regulate both
public and private communications. Count on our team of expert Oromo legal translators for compliant
and highly efficient Oromo legal translations.

Financial Sector

Regardless of the matter, patent documentation investments, insurance procedures, banking or
financial reports and market analysis, we have your back. Our financial Oromo translation services
ensure that your financial documents and communications between the parties are clear, precise, and effective.


Growing at a rapid pace, the eLearning industry reaches out to more and more people every day.
Considering that democratizing education means making it as accessible as possible in multiple
languages. On this matter, Oromo translation services & Oromo website translation are needed for a
variety of purposes, including translating and adapting academic material, training videos, and student
documents, as well as subtitling and voicing academic videos.

At bayantech, we offer end-to-end Oromo eLearning translation and localization services, powered by
our professional multidisciplinary teams. We deliver dynamic, accurately translated and localized
eLearning courses and training programs, where linguistic and technical quality as well course
functionality are tested and assured.

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Oromo Interpretation Services

Similarly to other Ethiopian languages, Oromo is known for having a set of ejective consonants, which are voiceless stops or affricates that usually result in glottalization and an explosive burst of air. In the Oromo orthography, for example, there’s a ‘’dh’’, that has a more unusual glottalized phone. It is pronounced like a “D” from the English dictionary with the tongue curled back and air being drawn in, resulting in the glottal stop before the following vowel is uttered. 

Oromo Interpretation Services

Interpretation, unlike translation, happens simultaneously. And great interpretations carry the feeling that the conversation originally took place in the target language, making it feel organic and just as if the interpreters weren’t really there. Our high-quality Oromo interpreting services put at your disposal proficient Oromo interpreters that master the aforementioned subtleties, resulting in a fluent, intuitive, and immersive conversation.

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Whether you need English to Oromo translation, or another language pair, bayantech’s team is here to provide you with high-quality linguistic services in 120 languages.

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