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With almost two decades of experience, in-depth industry knowledge, and expertise that spans across a broad range of industries, bayantech offers tailored language solutions that best suit your international expansion plans as well as your industry demands.

No matter what your industry is or how complex your project might be, our ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 translation and localization services ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability. Our smart multilingual content empowers you to realize your business’ full potential and lead your industry with ease and confidence.

Our Areas of Expertise

As a leading translation agency, bayantech provides comprehensive translation and localization solutions, catering to a wide spectrum of industries and market sectors.

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Video Game Localization

bayantech takes your game’s local success to a global level. With expert translation and localization teams, we skillfully adapt your game to worldwide gamers and ensure smooth and immersive gaming experiences. we innovate your game to a high-level of reality
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Marketing Translation

With a blend of translation and marketing expertise, bayantech offers exceptional marketing translation solutions to grow your business. We creatively develop multilingual marketing communications that are relevant, meaningful, and on-brand to leave a lasting impact.
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eCommerce Localization

We provide innovative translation and localization services for your eCommerce websites and apps. We efficiently manage every aspect of your website/app, including content, design, user interface, and functionality to penetrate new markets with confidence.
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Technology & Software Translation

bayantech relies on expert teams and innovative technologies to provide professional end-to-end software translation, localization, and testing services for all types of documents and software products, ensuring both linguistic and technical accuracy.
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Legal Translation

Our language specialists combine linguistic mastery and the dexterity of a legal professional to deliver trustworthy legal translations. We handle various legal documents, delivering the same outcome: complete clarity, accuracy, and confidentiality.
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Healthcare Translation

Our certified healthcare translation connects you to a broader audience of industry specialists and patients. With the help of our medical translators who have expert-level knowledge of the field, we provide accurate translations that comply with the industry’s regulatory requirements.
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Financial Translation

From international banking and investment to corporate finance and insurance, we translate a wide array of financial content, ensuring an excellent level of accuracy. You can be 100% con­fident your content is precise and consistent in all language versions.

Translation Professionals Meet Industry Experts

Each industry has its own challenges and needs. What’s more, every industry has its own language and terminology. To preserve the intricacies and integrity of your specialized materials, it takes the right people. This is exactly what we offer you. bayantech has a global network of more than 4,000 professional translators, who are native speakers and residents in the country you are targeting, which arms them with local cultural knowledge. 

Translation Professionals Meet Industry Experts
Choosing The Right Expert For You

Choosing the Right Expert for You

For each project, our project manager picks the right talents, where their qualifications and subject-matter expertise match the project’s needs. They have the extensive knowledge to handle your projects skillfully and efficiently. For your medical translation projects, for instance, only translators with a profound medical background are assigned the job. For your game localization projects, only translators who are game-savvy work on your projects, and so on. Language and translation competency combined with industry expertise is our approach to achieve the highest quality possible in highly specialized translations – and it has always worked.

What Makes bayantech Different?

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Certified Quality Assurance

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bayantech expertise to meet your industry needs

bayantech Expertise to Meet Your Industry Needs

Since 2004, bayantech has been providing high quality translation and localization services for businesses and individuals. We have dealt with different projects in different fields and industries and different languages, which has allowed us to develop solid expertise in every field. Today, we are confident in our experience and expertise. We are equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to provide you with the right support for your business and industry.

Customized Solutions for Your Projects

We carefully study your business and your needs and do thorough market and industry research. We then work closely with you to develop the right plan for you.  We shape our support and tailor our solutions that are specifically designed to meet your needs and expectations. We also help with your budget and schedule requirements. Whether it’s document translation, website localization, or voice over, you can choose from our translation and localization services, and we can also help you tailor our services to align with your needs.  We are dedicated experts who only offer the kind of service that you expect and deserve.

Customized Solutions For Your Projects

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