Localization Engineering Services

Combining translation and technology to efficiently
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Analyze, Localize, Finalize

bayantech employs a smooth localization engineering process, bringing tech-savvy engineers and passionate linguists together under one roof, where they work hand-in-hand towards the same goal: ensuring quality and satisfying our clients.

bayantech Localization Engineering Services

Once a localization project is submitted, our skilled localization engineers analyze and check the overall design and layout and make certain all the localizable strings are isolated from variables prior to text extraction. then they check that the product is free of embedded and concatenated strings, pinpointing imminent challenges and providing ultimate solutions so that the localization engineering process has a strong foundation.

In the post-localization stage, localization engineering plays yet another vital role, this time in quality checking. our quality assurance scans for bugs, cultural differences in various metrics such as currency, units of measure, and date format as well as proper formatting and layout.

bayantech Localization Engineering Services

At bayantech, we apply rigorous functionality and compatibility tests and customize them to best fit each client’s project. Testing allows for the detection of any functional, layout, or linguistic problems and guarantees your product is ready to hit the road, globally.

Conforming to the strict ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 regulations, you can rest assured that we offer unparalleled localization engineering services.

For your website, app, or software localization projects, efficiency is what you need to look for. And with bayantech localization engineering services, this is what you’ll exactly get.
Localization Engineering Problem Solving

Localization Engineering Problem Solving

With their extraordinary problem-solving capabilities, our localization engineers can tackle the numerous technical problems that often arise with localization, from text expansion and encoding issues to complex file types and formatting limitations, allowing linguists to concentrate on their core task and sparing them the hassle of technical issues. Additionally, our localization engineers provide regular training to our linguists on the usage of translation (CAT) tools.

With more than a decade of experience under our belt, relying on our talented localization engineers, we efficiently handle any technical problem that comes with right-to-left (RTL) and bi-directional languages. Additionally, we use Unicode in order to eliminate the challenges of non-compatible encoding systems.

Localization Engineer Responsibilities

At every step along the way, localization engineering is indispensable; from the preliminary stage of setting work plans and estimating costs, to the final delivery of the project. Localization engineers help project managers lay out each project’s roadmap and resolve any problems that come up with the source files, helping you avoid costly delays. By analyzing file types, localization engineers decide on the tools needed, extract texts to be submitted to translators, and prepare marked-up files to facilitate translation.

During the localization phase, our localization engineers are responsible for maintaining and updating the Translation Memories.

Localization Engineer Responsibilities

Be it a website, software, or a document, localization, engineers put the localized text back into the source documents and ensure a user-friendly experience for your audiences. In addition to detecting and fixing bugs, our expert engineers confirm that the engineered and localized product/service works effectively and consistently across different languages, through rigorous quality control procedures.

At bayantech, our localization engineers go through a strict selection phase to join our team, making sure they not only have the knowledge and technical expertise required but also the outstanding communication skills needed to interact internally with our departments or externally with our clients.

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