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To target multiple markets, global brands seek not only a professional translation but also perfect layout adaptation and consistency. Achieving a mirror reflection of your materials in another language is what a Multilingual Desktop Publishing service offers. A visually attractive layout is of paramount importance. Even with the most natural and precise translations, crammed text or poor graphics can be a huge barrier that hinders effective communication of your message to your end-users.
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Moreover, dealing with bidirectional languages like Farsi, Arabic, and Hebrew can be quite challenging, where the order of icons, graphics, and the whole layout interface need to be reversed. This not only can result in a huge number of bugs but also might render meaningless and unreadable sentences and confuse the reader.

bayantech uses groundbreaking DTP tools, guaranteeing that your original layout is maintained whatever the target language is. We support bidirectional languages and have extensive experience in the workarounds required to handle them.

With a service geared towards exceeding our clients’ expectations, we invest in the latest versions of DTP tools and make sure they are regularly updated, providing world-class multilingual DTP services. We have the capacity to output in either Mac or PC format and are capable of converting documents across platforms. Additionally, we work with all file formats and deliver your projects in any format specified by our clients.
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DTP Tools

Make the writing direction from left to right and make the icons show first on the left and right beside it the tool name not the opposite.
Group 2796

Adobe Animate

Group 2804

Adobe Photoshop

Group 2799


Group 2797

Adobe InDesign

Group 2803

Adobe Acrobat

Group 2800


Group 2798

Adobe Illustrator

Group 2802


Group 2801

Among many others!

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