Localization Testing Cheat Sheet

Localization Testing Cheat Sheet

As a business planning for a new market entry or repositioning your brand in a foreign market, your digital marketing assets have probably gone through translation and localization.

The idea is to communicate with your target audience and make sure that your apps or websites meet the cultural, legal, and functional standards of your users.

But how can you make sure if localization is done right? The answer is: Localization Testing

To err is human, and with localization, errors can either be bad, as in annoying and repulsive, or bad bad, as in damage your brand and hinder your planned growth. 

However, thanks to Localization Testing, it puts your apps and websites through a sieve, where they are carefully scrutinized to filter out the tiniest errors. Learn more about Localization Testing in our concise and handy cheat sheet.

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