The Complete Guide to Life Science Translation

Life sciences has always been an industry defined by innovation, all for the sake of saving and enhancing human lives. But to feel a real change that echoes around the globe and that touches people of different nationalities and cultures, accurate and effective multilingual communications that connect the life sciences industry and the whole world becomes fundamental. And this is where linguistic services, and life sciences translation, play an indispensable role.

From faithful interpretation, terminology precision, and readability to regulatory compliance and confidentiality, it’s not uncommon to hear that life sciences translation is one of the most complex fields. Translation mistakes are no laughing matter, but life sciences translation mistakes are a matter of life and death.

However, the world of life sciences translation can also be too complex to explore in just a few words in an article. This is why we’ve synthesized our life science expertise to create a comprehensive guide to life science translation, for industry players and aspiring linguists alike.

In this ebook, we discover:

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