The Gaming Market in the Middle East and North Africa 2021

Facts & Statistics | How Arabic Game Localization Unleashes the Untapped Potential of the Region

To say that the gaming market in the Middle East and North Africa is booming would be significantly underplaying it. It’s the new gold rush. With 377 million gamers and revenues of $5.4 billion, the MENA market is growing at an incredible and ever increasing pace, drawing the attention of the world to its potential.

Releasing your game to this region could be the best investment strategy, and to maximize the success of your game, you’ll need to fit it into the linguistic, cultural, and technical expectations of its people. The good news is the market is undersaturated and Arabic game localization can power up your gaming business.

However, taking such a leap requires reliable data; a foundation for a smarter, data​-driven decision. In this report, we provide a comprehensive look with key statistics, detailed insights, and more on the gaming industry and market opportunities in the MENA region.

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