A Translation that Crosses Continents

As we keep on exceeding our clients’ expectations with our high-quality Middle-Eastern and African translations, our clients started to place their trust in Bayantech’s capabilities and wide resources in extending our translation services to European and Asian languages.

Responding to our clients’ and the market’s demands, we widened the scope of our premium translation services to include many Asian and European languages.

Thanks to our highly competent vendor management system, we have a wide talent pool of native-speaking, in-country linguists with varied extensive experiences in almost all business verticals.

Your Gateway to the European Market

Although the European Union has unified currency and economic regulations, the linguistic and cultural diversity of its member states remains intact.
With the European market considered as one of the most dynamic and lucrative markets for companies willing to take their products/services across borders and increase their revenues, the demand of European language translations is constantly on the rise.
BayanTech offers full-suite localization and translation services for European languages, including website localization, marketing translations, medical and life science translations, software and games localization, etc.

We deliver top-level translation and localization services in the following pairs

Middle-Eastern to European languages   European to European languages

Asian to European languages   African to European languages

Looking for Asian and European Language Translation service

We smoothly cut through the many challenges of European languages translation. Each pair of languages poses its specific conundrums to the translation/localization process. For example, translating from Middle-Eastern to European languages presents considerable challenges: Besides the different writing systems, many Middle-Eastern languages, e.g., Arabic and Hebrew, are written Right to Left (RTL) while most European languages are written Left to Right (LTR), which can lead to problems with formatting if the platform doesn’t support both.
BayanTech’s experienced and highly qualified linguists are hand-picked. They pass through rigorous selection phases and are equipped with cutting-edge technology and an automated workflow system. All our linguists are in-country native speakers with subject-matter expertise and full understanding of the target-locale cultural nuances.
Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese are a few examples of the European languages we offer our translation services for.

The Asian Market: Get It Translated… Get on Board

BayanTech extends its translation/localization services to help its clients reach the Asian market through the best-quality Asian languages translation.
We support double-byte languages, ensuring your Asian translations are accurately delivered in an attractively displayed layout.Our experienced native-speaking, in-country linguists are culturally aware and subject-matter experts; our localization engineers are highly qualified and equipped with novel technology tools; and our 3-eye QA system is meticulously applied, guaranteeing accurate and natural Asian-language translations that help your product/service flow across the Asian market channels.

"Constituting 60% of the world population, Asia is the fastest growing economic region and the largest continental economy by GDP PPP in the world." Mohamed Hafez, Bayan-Tech CEO"

A few examples of the Asian languages we provide are Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Malay/Indonesian, Hindi, and Panjabi.
Asian translations come with their package of challenges. In addition to the short supply of updated dictionaries as well as essential tools and software for typing, spell-checking, and grammar checking for Asian languages, many Asian languages are double-byte like Korean and Japanese, which might be accompanied by limitations with respect to the character sets required to create content.
We thoroughly analyze each project’s pitfalls and come up with the best solutions.