Based on a huge in-house production team, BayanTech is a leading translation and localization services provider. We are a one-stop shop offering full-suite translation and localization services, catering for almost all business verticals. Through our multiple years of experience, we have grown from 1 office to 4 offices in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab of Emirates, South Africa, and the headquarters at the heart of the Middle East, Egypt.Since 2004, we have been rising up to the challenges of linguistic and cultural diversity. Our ISO-certified quality assurance system proves our constant commitment to excellence



  • Quality Leads

    Our error-proof, 3-eye quality assurance system is manifested through consistently meeting the rigorous ISO certification standards. Our carefully selected team of in-country, in-house, native-speaking linguists ensure uncompromising quality across all services.
  • An All-Inclusive Service

    We are a one-stop localization partner comprehensively providing all language services, delivering unsurpassed customer service where clients feel that translation/localization has neverbeen easier.
  • The Perfect Combination

    Cutting-edge technology and a large talent pool of the highest-caliber linguists forge our perfect combination for offering unsurpassed quality with the minimum turnaround time.
  • Experience Wins

    With over a decade of experience in the localization and translation industry, we dealt with a huge variety of projects in different subject matters and industry sectors, accumulatively creating our own success formula.
  • Time Travel

    We are committed to serving our clients in their local time zones. We meet all clients’ requirements in a timely manner no matter how large the project is or how tight the deadline might be.

Some Of Our Services

Document Translation

 Take advantage of our extensive experience in translating all kinds of documents to easily reach a broader audience … read more

Medical and Life Sciences

Our subject-matter experts handle your most critical medical texts with the care they deserve … read more

Website Localization

Prove you are an international player and gain competitive edge through localizing your website … read more


Nothing less than a fully customized translation would appeal to your learners. Broaden your customer base, increase your revenues, and enhance your credibility … read more

Multilingual DTP

Boost your brand’s image by getting an exact mirror of your original layout in your customers’ mother tongues … read more

Multimedia Translation

Take your multimedia materials to the next level with our top-notch equipment and wide talent pool of native-speaking subject-matter experts … read more

And More …


Our Languages

Middle Eastern

Lying at the juncture of Eurasia and Africa and of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean, the Middle East stands at the crossroads of civilizations … read more


Africa is a continent throbbing with life. With infinitely diverse cultural values and beliefs, Africa continues to uncover its charm and beauty and unleash its great potential … read more


Asian & European

As we keep on exceeding our clients’ expectations with our high-quality Middle-Eastern and African translations, our clients started to place their trust … read more

Other Languages

BayanTech assures its clients that they need not search any further. We pride ourselves on contributing to the preservation of the rarest languages through offering quality translation and localization services … read more

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