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Over their short lives, Millennials have been surprised by the spread of several new epidemics, from HIV/Aids, swine influenza virus (SIV), avian influenza (birds’ flu), and lately the coronavirus COVID-19. Imagine having to also deal with ancient epidemics or regular diseases they deal with in their everyday life if they have no cure for them. To understand translation importance lets ask what if we do not have any idea on Youyou Tu’s antimalarial treatment because no one was able to translate from Chinese to other languages?! 

Medical and life sciences are built upon the achievements of others. If each generation is starting over, we would be dealing with a regular disease like cold and flu as an epidemic by now. But to acquire the knowledge of previous scientists, and to pass today’s achievements across borders, medical and life sciences translation is a must-have industry. Medical translation allowed us to be able to start from where the past generations left instead of starting over.

Brief History

Medical sciences have been largely translated over the years. But two significant life sciences translation movements are considered the base for modern medical sciences as we know today. The first movement was the Arab’s translation, mainly during Abbasid Era, by translators like Hunayn ibn Ishaq and his students, translating Greek medical books available into Arabic. The second movement was between the 11th and 13th centuries, when the works of philosophy and medicine, including spiritual medicine by Arab doctors such as Abu Bakr al-Razi, had been translated from Arabic to several European languages. Translated works on spiritual medicine had paved the way to what we know today as music therapy.

Importance of Medical Translation


Medical Translation

It is not only important to translate medical sciences; but it is also important to ensure the accuracy of this translation.

Life Sciences Translation Saves Lives

Having a clear understanding between a doctor and a patient is essential for diagnosing a disease and properly using a medicine. One mistake in treating a patient could easily end his/her life or put them in great danger. Therefore, it is vital to hire a high-quality specialized medical translation team.

It is very important to accurately translate and deliver new procedures and researches to doctors. This accuracy comes from well-translated books, eBooks and medical materials to ensure that medical knowledge is well communicated to them.

Medical Technologies Translation


Medical Technologies Translation

The healthcare world is full of technologies to empower doctors and help patients. From devices, vaccines, to life-quality increasing systems, medical technologies could easily be misused if not properly translated and localized. Having a clear accurate instruction book for a medical device, for example, would save the time that could be wasted in trying to understand how to use this device.

Moreover, translating the software of medical technologies like the smart heart rate bracelet or the blood pressure measuring device can provide people with easier access to them.

Pharmaceutical Translation Importance

Pharmaceutical translation is a part of the life sciences translation related to the clinical research and drugs required for treating different health issues. Every day, pharma companies develop new drugs to face maladies. This development sometimes needs lots of researches in different languages. To master the development of medicines and drugs, the researchers need to have a technical understanding of the clinical studies made in other languages.

The translation importance arises as each new medicine needs to have clear instructions on the doses, the side effects, the medical instructions, and the warnings. If a certain medicine is dangerous for patients with heart diseases and this information is not properly communicated, it can lead to the death of the patient in a moment.

Anti-Coronavirus Awareness

Spreading awareness is necessary to face an epidemic. When we compare previous epidemics like the Spanish flu and swine flu, we will find that both are originated from the same virus, H1N1. During the time of the Spanish flu, travel was not banned, in fact, people were traveling to many places between 1918 and 1920. The travel movements helped to spread the disease and causing approximately between 20 million and 50 million deaths. Meanwhile, between 2009 and 2010, the swine flu caused between 100,000 to 400,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This was a result of many countries taking travel precautions. An example of the precautions is China putting any traveler coming from a country that had positive cases in quarantine. Comparing the two epidemics, the Swine flu had fewer deaths compared to the number of people who died because of the Spanish flu.

Currently, the WHO has advised in all their platforms and social media channels several precautions towards the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. These instructions need to be delivered to everyone, everywhere. Many people around the world cannot understand a foreign language, nor the complicated versions of their languages. Therefore, having a professional team of translators who are ready to translate and localize the proper instructions and deliver them in a simple way to people is very important. 

Medical Translation Champions

Life sciences translation has many challenges, from hard specific words to untranslatable words that need to be localized. Medical translators are not only technical or scientific translators, but they also need to have medical background. For companies in the life sciences industry, it is important to hire professional high-quality medical translation providers and at the same time to achieve the balance between quality and cost.

bayanTech is here to ensure delivering accurate cost effective medical content and life sciences translation services.

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