Best Practices for Military and Defense Translation



Best Practices For Military And Defense Translation

One of the most sophisticated fields of translation is that of military and defense. It concerns diplomatic dealings, weapons trade, military training, and more between countries. Military and defense translation has become a great industry around the world. This only comes as a reflection of the world we live in now, where countries are aware of the importance of maintaining strong military relations and developing defense systems.Given the significance of that industry and how delicate its information and data are, big challenges arise.In this blog post, we dive into the world of military and defense translation to gain more insight about its best practices.

3 Must Dos for Any Military and Defense Translation Project

Due to the sensitive nature of military and defense translation, there are three essential elements to be considered while working on any Military and Defense related project. Quality goes without saying. As a matter of fact, quality isn’t exclusive only for military and defense translation; quality is a crucial priority for any translation project. So, what is so special about military and defense translation projects?

It’s the 3 Musts:

  • Confidentiality: Military and defense translations should be particularly and essentially confidential. It can’t be compromised or overlooked under any circumstances. Although, confidentiality is a key-element for all kinds of translations, these military projects are not usually for public use/release. Therefore, any professional translation service would maintain the highest level of client confidentiality, through signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) plus Service Level Agreement (SLA) with all the parties involved in their of projects in addition to attending other strict measures to ensure whether the original content or its translation will not be distributed outside.
  • Accuracy: Buyers of military and defense translation service heavily rely on “accuracy” of their translations. It is a deal breaker, and that is because the end-result will lead up to some critical decisions. One word makes all the difference; one mistake could cost everyone everything. Accuracy and quality here are two sides of the same coin; catastrophic effects may take place if any of them isn’t put into effect.
  • Punctuality: If one thing can define the military and defense sector in any country, it’s their punctuality. So, no wonder, clients require punctuality for these kinds of projects. Sometimes, they request tight schedules, and therefore, timely translations are a major concern, especially that these translations are necessary, for instance, for some consequent action-taking.

No Place for Mistakes: The Drastic Impacts of Potential Failure in Military and Defense Translation

Abiding to the 3 Musts insures a smooth unmarred translation project. With this type of translations, there’s no place for mistakes, in every sense of the word. Any potential failure in the process of translating military and defense content is risky business, resulting in unspeakable ramifications.In April 2017, a statement by the official spokesman of China’s Ministry of National Defense has been subject to a mistranslation which could have jeopardized the US-China relations. The impacts of potential failures in translations like these could threaten diplomatic relations, national securities, and military/defense operations and decisions.Military and defense translation includes working on technical manuals for weapons. It’s hard to imagine what would happen, were an error in translation to occur in these manuals. That would cost systems to fail to operate, would cost them money, and in cases, would cost them lives.It doesn’t stop here; this is just a hint on how many things can go wrong with an erroneous translation in that field.

Linguistic Matters… A Lot: The Linguistic Role in Military and Defense Translation

Working on military translation requires a great deal of linguistic specialty, since it’s one of the most linguistically diverse and challenging fields of translation. It requires experience, skill, but most importantly excellent knowledge of language and linguistics. This means that the linguist/translator in charge should be proven to adequately analyze text and speech. Sometimes, military documents contain terms and phrases that could have diversity of interpretations, but the context only determines which one fits. Linguistic ambiguity is one enemy to military and defense translations. In addition to that, the linguist’s thorough and detailed knowledge to military terminology, technical terms, and jargons plays a key role in providing a comprehensive translation.So, if linguistic matters, how can one avoid any linguistic ambiguity or mistake while working on a military content? We can help with that. Have a look on those few, but major, tips for linguistically-valid military and defense translations:

  • Always use correct punctuation.
  • Aim for flawless syntax; aim for clarity.
  • Keep a sharp eye on misinterpretations and omissions.

ConclusionMilitary and defense translation facilitates the interaction between different language speakers from different countries. For that, it is a robust process that poses many challenges. Ensuring that this process goes as planned calls chiefly for a sense of responsibility to carry out the necessary requirements of the job. This kind of translation specifically should defy any potential failure, because consequences happen.BayanTech is a professional translation service provider that can help you defy any failures with your translation. We believe in our top-notch linguists and translators who have profound military subject matter expertise to masterfully handle your projects.We understand the requirements and challenges of this specific field, and for that, we pledge our full commitment to the 3 Musts, teamed with a pool of experienced linguists, and armed with our advanced technological tools and with our proven track record.

Efficient military and defense translations aren’t hard to find. We are here to help, contact us!

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