Multimedia Localization A Growing Responsibility amid the Global Crisis

Multimedia Localization
multimedia localization

Subtitling Delivers Media across Borders

Whether your video is aimed to educate or entertain, the importance of subtitling is to increase views from different countries. For educational and awareness spreading purposes, people prefer to download subtitles and listen to the original sound of your video. If you want to deliver your video to hearing-impaired people, subtitling would also be the choice for you. Investors also choose to subtitle their media due to its cost-effectiveness.
Understanding your audience needs is the key to choose the most suitable multimedia localization and translation service. Some employees like to watch videos on the go, in transportation or in the elevator. Some mothers love to catch up with their favorite shows while putting their children to sleep. For these people, movie subtitles are the best because they can watch the movies while the sound is turned off.
If you are targeting several markets, your translation provider can add subtitles in a range of different languages. Thus, the same video can reach different people and you will not have to produce different videos with extra cost.

multimedia localization

Dubbing and Lip Sync

How many times have
you come across a family member who is watching a soap opera? Have you seen the
Ads dubbed from South Korean that used to air on TVs a few years ago to sell
weight loss tea? Well, now you have an idea of the importance of dubbing.
Dubbed media is easily
accessed for people who prefer hearing to reading subtitles. It is beneficial
to deliver information to different community segments. With dubbed videos, you
can reach the visually impaired audience and satisfy people who like to hear
language in their mother tongue.
However, to create a
perfectly dubbed video, a team specialized in lip synchronization (sync) is
highly needed. Your multimedia localization provider should be sure that the
spoken language is going in harmony with the lip movements.

multimedia localization

Multimedia Localization Through Voice Over

Another multimedia localization service is voice over. Although voice over might be similar to dubbing, it is different. While dubbing is transforming the speech between characters in your video into the target language, voice-over is used in videos to narrate or comment on the unspoken part. This makes voice over a good choice when it comes to documentaries and marketing campaigns
bayantech provides exceptional voice
over services in several languages to help your multimedia project reach
people across borders.

multimedia localization

Transcription a Part of Multimedia Localization

Videos and audios might be trending, but there will always be text lovers. People with busy schedules usually like to read a brief about what is happening, or a summary of a video. Investors may have meetings in which beneficial data are delivered and discussed. Meanwhile, operators can give keynote speeches when they launch new products. The importance of multimedia transcription is to help you keep an accurate record of your meetings and speeches. It also helps you create a text of your video/audio campaigns to reach more segments of the community.

To ensure that nothing is lost in audios and videos, bayantech provides multimedia transcription services. We have a team capable and prepared to work on audios and videos to deliver the best quality text.
Delivering your projects in several mediums is vital to reach a wide scoop of the audience. You need to study your audience in order to choose on the multimedia localization technique you would rather have in your project, whether it is video, audio, or texts.
bayantech provides
integrated multimedia localization and translation services.
Contact us to know about our services and discuss your project.

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