5 Reasons to Use Professional Voice Over for your Video

5 Reasons To Use Professional Voice Over For Your Video

The digital marketing scene is ever-changing, with experts constantly trying to leverage technology for the sake of business growth. Right now, video marketing is gaining huge ground. But, what is the next trend?

Say hello to voice over.

With 81% of businesses using video as a marketing tool in 2018 and 76% saying it helped them increase sales and traffic, it only makes sense that the next step is optimizing and investing in this roaring success. Voice over seems to hold that kind of power and effectiveness.

Since then, businesses and companies have started relying on voice over for marketing and promotional videos, e-learning and training courses, explainer videos, sales and landing pages, websites, and more.

Scroll down to find out 5 reasons to incorporate voice over in your video marketing strategy.

1.     Professional Voice Over for your Brand Credibility

People are more and more drawn to what they see and what they hear.

When using voice over, you are choosing for your brand to speak, communicate with your prospective customers, and engage with them, which ultimately builds trust. Once this trust is established, people welcome your message and are encouraged and ready to use your services and products.

On a different note, adding professional voice over to your marketing videos, with the right tone for the context, gives your brand distinct features that help people recognize and identify your brand. In other words, it makes your brand more memorable and sticks with people.

2.     More Life to Your Content; More ‘Human’ Touch to Your Brand

Let’s face it, we don’t usually trust anyone on the other side of our screens. Also, traditional face-to-face selling is both annoying and behind the times.

Voice over in video marketing strikes the balance! By voice over, we mean a human being narrating a story, properly consumers relate to. This gives businesses and companies a personality; they appear human, more real, especially when it comes addressing their needs and concerns. This personal connection with your potential customers makes them feel valued as humans.

3.     Less Bounce Rate, Better Conversion Rates

What if visitors spend more time on your website? Isn’t that where the action takes place?

On average, your website visitors spend 10 seconds, namely 10-second judgment; if there’s nothing gripping, you lose them.

However, using killer voice over, with killer visuals and script, for your explainer video can be the attention grabber that reduces bounce rate -bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who enter and leave, which says a lot about your website to search engines.

Blow your website visitors’ away with fun and engaging voice over and you are more likely to keep visitors longer at your website with a growing interest in your products and services, accordingly improving your conversion rates, with a huge bang for your buck, in other words, proper ROI (return on investment).

4.     Localized Voice Over Recordings for a Wider Audience

Speaking of ‘speaking’ to people, developing a connection with people requires speaking their language and culture.

Customers relate to your content because:

1. It addresses their pain points, or what’s in it for them, obviously! People need to know how your product or service will make all the difference in their lives.

2. It speaks their language. According to Common Sense Advisory, language is a major factor affecting consumer’s purchasing behavior, with 56.2% saying that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

3. It’s relevant to their culture. You can’t just translate jokes, puns, and metaphors, cultural references…etc., your target audience should be familiar with them; otherwise, the connection with your customers will keep on buffering!

This where localization comes in; localizing professional voice over recordings means offering your content to multilingual audiences, which helps your customers be more comfortable and confident to take the decision to buy from you.

Additionally, this enables you to reach wider audiences and boosts your global communication worldwide.

5.     Social Media is a Major Bonus

People love watching and sharing videos all the time on social media. Based on video marketing statistics in 2018, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Besides the fact that they share what they like and what they connect with, when surveyed, 49% said sharing allows them to inform others of products (services) they care about. If your localized voice over video can stand out by high-quality content that leaves such an impact on your audience, then your product/service can go viral and your viewers can be customers, which eventually empowers your business to grow on social media and the internet.


Voice over has become a powerful marketing tool that is capitalizing the dominating success of video marketing. Businesses are putting more and more efforts into investing in voice over to promote their business and stand out.

However, using voice over can either take your brand to the next level or take it down. So, make sure you use the help of an expert localization and professional voice over service provider to ensure the former.

bayanTech is a professional translation and localization provider, with the experience and expertise to deliver top-quality voice over projects that resonate and impress your audience.

For more information, contact us.


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