Borders Sweepers

BayanTech is a leading language service provider. Since 2004, we have been offering a vast array of translation and localization services to major global brands, helping our clients to smoothly cross the frontiers of language and culture and expand their markets.

We offer our language services to all Middle-Eastern and African languages, as well as the major Asian and European languages.

Based on a large in-house production team, our services raise the bar for the entire translation/localization industry.

Through our multiple years of experience, we have grown from 1 office to 4 offices in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab of Emirates, South Africa, and the headquarters at the heart of the Middle East, Egypt.

With a goal-oriented approach, we rise up to the challenges of language and cultural diversity, driven by our passion for sweeping borders.

Defying the cultural, geographical, and technical difficulties, we have proved our commitment to excellence and exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Our Story

Responding to the Call of Market

On a day that seemed pretty usual, our CEO, Mohamed Hafez, who had already been a partner in a company that provides software & mobile apps development services, received a call from a dear friend. His friend was looking for a company to localize his word-processing software into several African and Middle-Eastern languages and didn’t seem to find any. In hope to find any leads to a reliable Middle-Eastern and African language service provider, he called his friend Mohamed hoping that he can recommend one. Mohamed thought for a minute and realized that this is the 3rd time that week to receive such a call. This was the spark that motivated the foundation of BayanTech. 

Bayantech has been established on the principle of putting our client’s needs ahead. We regard each project, whether big or small, as a great opportunity to satisfy our clients’ exact requirements and show that we are not just a translation/localization agency…we are business partners.

Responding to the market needs is the foundation stone of BayanTech. With the success of each translation/localization project grows our clients’ trust that we can efficiently handle any project no matter how big and complicated it might be or how rare the language pair is. The more global brands put their trust in us, the more we expand our translation and localization services. We extended our services from Middle-Eastern and African languages to European and Asian languages, catering for a wide array of business verticals such as medical translation, legal translation, and multimedia translation.