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Medical document translation: in the communication cycle between life sciences/medical companies, end-users (whether healthcare professionals or patients), and international regulatory organizations, a professional medical document translation partner is the missing link.
Besides the international regulations requiring medical/life sciences companies to localize labeling (software, user manuals, instructions for use (IFU), and labels) to the target locale mother tongue, professional medical document translation dissolves the linguistic and cultural barriers and help you reach out to a broader audience of both healthcare specialists and patients.
Unlike any other job, a translator’s ultimate aim is to conceal their work rather than show it. Within this frame, BayanTech’s Medical Document Translation team make sure your customers when reading, for example, advertising and promotional literature feel that the text they are reading is not a translation but is written originally in their own language. To build customer trust and loyalty, your customers should not be confused by odd meanings, unfamiliar metaphors, or awkward expressions. In fact, our medical translation service are “invisible.”

Since its foundation in 2004, BayanTech has been offering medical document translation and and life science translation services for all African and Middle Eastern languages, in addition to the core Asian and European languages, providing access for healthcare professionals, as well as patients, to the sum of all medical knowledge in one’s mother tongue.


Medical Document Translation Service: 

Why medical translation service matter? Precise, quality translation becomes literally a matter of life and death when it involves medical document translation and life science information. The smallest mistake can be life-threatening or jeopardize the global success of a new medicine/medical device, putting years of research and tremendous efforts at stake.
For instance, the word “once” in English means “eleven” in Spanish; an inadvertent mistake of leaving this word untranslated can have the dire consequence of a patient taking a blood pressure medication 11 times a day instead of once.
At BayanTech, we give lifesavers a voice…a voice that everyone understands no matter what language they speak.
Medical translators carry the advances of medicine across multiple linguistic roadblocks: Medical document translation, the common use of a large number of abbreviations and acronyms that are differently defined by different scientific dictionaries is a complicated challenge faced by medical translators. The various meanings of one abbreviation/acronym only add to the challenge, where the translator should decide the right meaning based on their understanding of the context. For instance, GCS can mean Glasgow Coma Scale or General Clinical Status.

Medical Document Translation Services:

Critical information can be lost in translation due to lack of standardization within the same language, such as Arabic, which has different variances. For example, in the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria) which are influenced by the French language, they use السيدا al-sīdā as an equivalent for AIDS, whereas in eastern Arab countries, which are influenced by English, they use ايدز Aydz. Other major difficulties include the lack of non-English equivalents of many technical terms, translating chemical names, medical document translation and the rapid development of new concepts and scientific terminology that medical dictionaries usually cannot keep pace with. Our carefully selected medical translators are not only native-speaking, in-country linguists, but also science gurus with extensive subject-matter expertise. Backed by our glossary, translation tools, and updated references and dictionaries, our medical translators deliver error-free medical document translation/localization services.


Your Translation Prescription

Quality Assurance

Our medical translations are immune to the tiniest mistake thanks to our meticulous quality control system that allows no room for errors. Knowing that no translator, however gifted, can detect all their own minor errors, we adopt the 3-eye TEP (Translate-Edit-Proofread) QA procedures, where a team of 3 different certified linguists: translator, reviewer, and proofreader, are committed to your medical document translation project, making sure the industry best practices are applied in each step.


BayanTech successfully employs its wide experience in the translation industry to offer its clients accurate, consistent, and customized medical document translations.


BayanTech conforms to the (ISO 9001:2008) certification standards, guaranteeing strict quality management and customer-focused translations.  With full understanding of the legal framework of medical document translations and all the up-to-date regulatory requirements, we deliver top-quality medical translation services to a wide range of business sectors.

Highly Qualified Linguists

All our linguists are certified, in-country native speakers who are completely versed in the subject-matter terminology, tone, and style. With deep awareness of the target cultural nuances and regulatory hurdles, our team of talented linguists has contributed to the success of hundreds of life science companies in the global market.

Cutting-Edge Technology

To keep up with the ever-expanding life science industry, we are keen on using state-of-the-art translation tools, providing an ideal balance between the highest quality and fast turnarounds at competitive rates. Utilizing unique Translation Memory (TM) tools that build up a repository of accurate translations of medical document and life science terminology, we offer the best value for money.


Whether it is a clinical trial, marketing materials for a global product launch, or patients’ medical records, you can be confident that your information remains highly confidential. Our strict non-disclosure requirements and rigid confidentiality policy safeguard against security leaks.

Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs)

Who provides the most accurate medical document translations: the medically knowledgeable linguist or the linguistically knowledgeable medical professional? This critical question has always been a matter of debate in the medical translation industry. At BayanTech, we integrate the skills of both into the translation/localization process. Through our huge talent pool and substantial resources, our proficient project managers assign each medical document translation project to a scrupulous linguist with extensive subject-matter expertise; translations are then to be reviewed and proofread by 2 other linguists to ensure a flawless service. To further scrutinize the quality of our medical and life science document translations, a native-speaking healthcare professional with considerable linguistic knowledge rechecks translations, making sure the medical/life sciences jargon used is correct, culturally appropriate for the target audience, and aligned with the industry-specific updates.