eLearning Localization: The Definitive Guide of Developing eLearning Courses & Training in Multiple Languages

When eLearning first developed in the early 1990s, it was perceived as a novel and fun way of learning – a luxury more than a necessity. Today, eLearning and corporate training have become an asset to every business and organization, regardless of their size or area of expertise.

If you are an international company with offices and/or factories located across the globe with employees scattered around various parts of the world or a local company with global ambitions, you’ll probably need an effective training program that communicates with your workforce in a language they understand, without forcing them to use a language that’s not their first language.

Our comprehensive ebook:

With the input of our project managers, localization engineers, and subject-matter experts, our ebook is intended to empower business owners and decision-makers as well as translation and localization professionals and those new to the field through reliable information, real-world statistics, and dynamic and valuable insights into eLearning and eLearning localization.

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