Why Arabic Game Localization is so Important?



Why Arabic Game Localization Is So Important

Why Game Localization?

  • 3 million gamers across the globe.
  • $137.9 billion will be spent on games in 2018.
  • 3% increase, over last year, in game revenue is estimated in 2018.


  • 75% of international consumers are expected to purchase your games, if presented in their own language.*

Why Game Localization into Arabic?

  • The gaming sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is growing faster
    than the global average, outpacing Russia, China, and even South Korea, and is set to
    triple in size to US$4.4 billion by 2022.
  • In total, Arabic speaking countries have a collective GDP of $2.851 trillion.
  • The Middle Eastern gaming industry is likely worth somewhere between $1 billion and
    $2.6 billion in terms of revenue across software and hardware.
  • 75% of international consumers are expected to purchase your games, if presented in
    their own language, and Arabic speaking users are no exception.

Get in the Game and Choose Localization.

The ever-growing Game Market is getting more competitive than ever. While the industry players are sparing no efforts to reach out wider audience and attract more gamers, Game Localization is the winning card that can put you ahead of the game.

With Game Localization service, your game is provided across multiple languages and locales in high-quality, tailored to suit each audience’s cultural preferences, which maximizes the user experience, making it friendly and enjoyable, equally.

What Arabic Localization means for your gaming business?

It means there’s always going to be more,

  • More markets to explore
  • More downloads of your game
  • More customers to engage
  • More popularity to your game
  • More revenues

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