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E-learning Translation Service:

The definition of e-learning translation service: Imagining learners in Iran taking physics courses at Oxford University, UK, and American learners studying Middle Eastern history at German universities without any of them crossing the borders of their countries is no longer a dream. e-learning translation service technology breakthroughs have brought the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, regardless of your mother tongue, with numerous advantages and a global demand, the e-learning industry is booming

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E-learning localization: 

Acknowledging that not all global e-learning translation service perceive information in the same way and that each target locale is influenced by its cultural factors, global corporates soon realized that e-learning translation service materials is the key to reaching out to e-learners around the globe, broadening their customer base and drastically boosting sales.

Why localizing training materials is so important:

A training material that speaks one’s native language is sure more effective. However, e-learning translation service is not only about translating words…it is more of recreating a training material that target e-learners can easily relate to while maintaining the exact same message.
It is only logical that 65% of multinational enterprises believe e-learning translation service is important to increase revenues while 56.2% of consumers say that the ability to prevail information in their own language is more important than cost.Besides the advantages of reaching a broader audience, reflecting a global brand image and proving to your customers that you are willing to go that extra mile to provide a training material that resonates with their cultural norms would definitely pay off in regard to credibility and loyalty. Another significant upside is that global corporates deliver their policies, corporate culture, training, etc., consistently and reliably in all their branches across the globe which positively impacts employees’ performance, no matter what their mother tongue is or where the branch is located.



E-learning Translation Impact

E-learning translation service requires the integration of multiple aspects. Localization engineers, linguists, graphic designers, and QA experts work jointly to deliver localized training materials that appeal to the target audience. It is more of a jigsaw, and only an experienced reliable localization partner can correctly put all the pieces together.
Delivering e-learning translation service that ultimately helps clients effectively communicate with their end-users is a multilevel challenge.
Addressing text expansion, a common occurrence with translating from a less verbose to a more verbose language, is not an easy job. Moreover, accommodating character-based languages, cursive and bi-directional languages like Arabic and Persian, is a hard-to-avoid pothole.

E-learning Translation

E-learning Translation and Localization:

An image of people playing Rugby (a kind of sport played in England, the USA, and some countries in Europe and Australia) can be hard to relate to by the Middle Eastern audience. Hence, localization should involve images, graphs, and colors (the same color can have totally different implications for different cultures). Also date and time formats as well as measurements need to be localized.
Furthermore, technology terms usually do not have equivalents in Middle Eastern and African languages, which can lead to ambiguities or unnatural translations.

E-Learning Translation for Experience

BayanTech puts its wide expertise in perfect use. Applying industry best e-learning translation practices and using advanced technologies, we cater for all E-learning translation projects, whatever the platform or file format is. We have the work-around strategies that help us circumvent the common potholes, supporting all character sets including bi-directional and cursive languages.

E-learning translation for Excellence

At BayanTech  our dedication to excellence drives our E-learning translation strategies and methodologies. Our robust 3-eye QA system scrutinizes each and every step of the localization cycle, making sure the entire content is properly localized and culturally sensitive. We also implement unique terminology standardization translation tools and our linguists strictly follow our style guides and glossaries, guaranteeing an accurate and consistent localization service. Our talented localization engineers test the final product to ensure functionality.

E-learning translation for Explicit

A culturally inappropriate expression or irrelevant image significantly hinders the online education translation process. Taking this into consideration, all our linguists and proofreaders are native speakers with subject-matter expertise. At BayanTech, we guarantee your message is explicitly delivered to your target audience.