Translation Tools: Technology at Its Best

Translation tools are a translator’s best friend. BayanTech invests in cutting-edge technology to provide consistency, reduce costs, and ensure quality

With today’s fast-paced technological developments, failing to stay up to date and best utilize what technology offers to the translation industry will keep you steps behind. BayanTech is always keen on staying one jump ahead and distinguishes itself by putting a wide variety of translation tools into perfect use

Translation tools aim at increasing productivity and facilitating many translation aspects. Besides cutting costs and maintaining consistency, translation tools protect the code and give access only to the text that needs to be translated which help avoid one of the most common translation pitfalls through maintaining the file format and the formatting of the text, since many files containing the texts usually cannot be opened with a simple text editor and can contain code (e.g., the markup language files of a website), which should not be altered by the translator

Translation memories, terminology management programs, electronic dictionaries, text alignment software, project management systems, quality assurance tools, spell checkers, and grammar checkers are some examples of the translation tools we use.

Translation Memory (TM)

Why get charged for repeated words as much as new ones?

TM is a bank that stores segments of translated text in the form of translation pairs, consisting of the segment in the source language and the corresponding segment translated into the target language. If the program finds a matching source segment in its database, the software displays a previous translation for re-use. This is specifically useful for translators of technical texts, which usually involves high volume of repetitions, guaranteeing the consistency of corporate terminology.

Our TM is contextual, recognizing fuzzy matches, matches that are not 100% identical but have overlapping or relevant content, saving time and costs and delivering better quality.With a TM customized to each client and regularly updated, we are able to meet tight deadlines striking the balance between quantity and quality.

Terminology Management (Glossary)

In the translation industry, a glossary is a document that contains an organization’s key terminology in their source language, as well as approved translations of that terminology in all of their target languages. We have our own glossary management tools and flexibly use customized glossaries provided by our clients.

Scientific, legal, and financial translations contain specific terminology and jargons. Utilizing our top-notch terminology management software, with the terms in the glossary automatically identified and highlighted by the program and the currently available translations provided for automatic insertion, we not only avoid the trouble of having to translate the same word several times but also provide absolute consistency and accuracy.

Not only do we accept our clients’ customized style guides and utilize updated style guides such as AMA style for medicine and Chicago Manual of Style for general publications, but we also created our in-house style guide with instructions concerning formality of language, tone, punctuation, etc. in order to ensure that our clients communicate a consistent, unambiguous message to their customers.

Here are some of the translation tools we use

an intuitive tool that gives translators the option to access it from a desktop application or directly from a web browser.
one of the most popular Translation tools; opens all common file types – anything from Microsoft Word to sophisticated formats like Adobe InDesign
A standalone TM tool that runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and opens a wide variety of formats including complex desktop publishing formats.
A productive, customizable tool that allows translators to work on multi-file projects with dozens or hundreds of files in different folders and subfolders with inline formatting and spellchecker.

We are flexible using any reliable translation tool that helps us meet each client’s specific requirements.