Amharic: Facts and Figures

Amharic is written left-to-right (LTR) using the unique Amharic Fidel, a version of the ancient Ge’ez script. A font that supports the Amharic language is needed to read Amharic Fidel on typical modern computer systems.Amharic is the official national language of Ethiopia

most spoken Semitic language in the world
native speakers
spoken by people outside Ethiopia
The number of Internet users ,In 2015

Translation Athletes

The race for quality has no finishing line

Ethiopia is famous for its Olympic athletes, especially marathon runners. Our translation services and marathon runners have a lot in common. Marathon running is a sport that requires not only physical strength but also great determination, clear vision, an extraordinary capacity to plan ahead, and a natural ability to handle unexpected problems.

Likewise, at BayanTech, we have dogged determination to exceed our clients’ expectations, our project managers analyze each project’s pitfalls and accordingly plan ahead the solutions required, our expertise and resourceful team allow us to smoothly and effectively handle unexpected problems, and we all work with one goal in mind: satisfying our clients.

Owing to the rapid growth of Amharic-speaking communities outside Ethiopia, the demand for Amharic translations is on the rise.

Amharic’s unique writing system is one of the most prominent challenges facing Amharic translators. The limited availability of the font and platforms supporting its special characters is a major bottleneck in Amharic translations. Another roadblock is the lack of local language spell-checkers, grammar checkers, and other necessary translation tools.
Supporting all fonts and platforms and using TM and major translation tools, we avoid the common pitfalls of Amharic translations and offer the best value for money. With a team of professional localization engineers smoothly handling all the technical difficulties, we are a one-stop localization/translation partner for all your Amharic translation projects, including website localization and software localization.
Backed by our extensive experience in Amharic translations, rigorous QA procedures, and a huge network of experienced, native-speaking, certified linguists with subject-matter expertise, BayanTech guarantees culturally sensitive Amharic translations perfectly tailored to your Amharic-speaking audience.