We Are All Ears

With advantages spanning from cost-effectiveness to enhanced accessibility, better comprehensibility, and more thorough analysis of data, the need for transcribing a vast array of audio and video recordings has skyrocketed in the past few years.Be it an academic researcher’s voice notes, the proceedings of a court hearing by a court reporter, or a recording of a product launch press conference, utmost accuracy and efficiency have to be brought to the written transcript.BayanTech multimedia translation services with its ISO-certified verbatim transcription services to Middle-Eastern and African languages in addition to the major Asian and European languages, serving almost all industries such as life sciences, marketing, and electronics.

A Word-Perfect Transcription

Most languages comprise more than one dialect, and in many cases dialects of the same language can be mutually unintelligible. One of the many benefits of transcription is providing a form of information that can be understood across different dialects of the same language. However, this might backfire if the transcription is performed by a non-native speaker.Moreover, a transcriptionist who is not familiar with the subject matter would inadequately interpret the audio/video recording, which can compromise the quality of the transcription process.At BayanTech, all our transcriptionists are native speakers with professional experience in the subject matter.One of the hurdles of transcription is time consumption.

With poor-quality recordings or in cases when many people speak at the same time, transcription can take even longer time.In cases when, for example, the transcript is an interview that is scheduled for publishing or researcher’s work that has to be submitted on time, delays in transcription can mess up with important deadlines and prove to be costly.Investing in the latest technologies, we deal with all recordings formats and reduce or eliminate the background noise that distorts the quality of recordings, delivering accurate verbatim transcriptions on time and on budget.Inadvertently leaving out, including, or transforming a single letter of recorded speech may radically change the content a transcript conveys to its readers (especially if they do not have the chance to listen to the recording, or if they have not been present in the recording situation).  A large percentage of these mistakes lead to distortion of meaning.
Our diligent QA procedures allow for meticulous revision of your audiovisual content against the transcript, making sure a flawless transcript is to be delivered.

A Text That Speaks

Converting the multidimensional spoken language into a one-dimensional written text creates a hard-to-resolve paradox. Transcriptionists are faced with the decision to choose either reflecting each and every detail to provide an accurate, dynamic transcript or to focus only on the semantic content ignoring the prosodic elements like intonation, pitch, stress, etc. to deliver a more practical, easy-to-read transcript.
With vocal tones accounting for 38% of the communication process while only 7% is conveyed through words alone, capturing the contextual frame of natural speech while converting it to a written text is a daunting task.
At BayanTech, our skillful project managers communicate with clients to clearly determine the objectives and required outcomes and agree upon the methodologies that best fit the client’s specific needs. Considerations like what information should be included in the transcript and the importance of including emphases and representing vernacular or dialects are to be analyzed, aiming at a transcript that would perfectly match the client’s needs.

Hence, our transcription experts deal with each project on the basis of each client’s specific needs, supported by our transcription manuals to ensure consistency and coherence.
With their deep understanding of the subject matter, extraordinary listening skills, and great attention to detail, our team of highly qualified transcriptionists bring the authenticity of the spoken language into a readable and accessible form.


Your Word…Our Bond

Throughout more than a decade of experience, we dealt with a huge variety of transcription projects spanning from patients’ records and research data of new medicaments to testimonials and celebrity interviews.

In each project, we strictly adhere to our extreme security measures in each step of the process. To ensure maintaining confidentiality, we have each member of our staff sign a nondisclosure agreement and implement rigorous data security policies. Additionally, at Bayanech, our IT team is in-house to minimize data loss.

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