Sublime Subtitles

BayanTech offers top-quality subtitling services for a wide array of genres. We appreciate the time and efforts invested in producing your audiovisual content, whether it is a movie/series, video game, or E-learning material, and we are committed to preserving its context and meaning, adding to it the advantage of expanding its market to your target locale.

Our in-country, native-speaking subtitle translators have the linguistic skills and cultural awareness required to handle the specific requirements of subtitle translations spanning from bridging cultural gaps to translating humor, idiomatic expressions, and taboo words.

We take into account reading speed, characters-per-line limits, timing and positioning, rendering accurate, sublime subtitle translations.

We can handle all platforms and formats, for example .890, .PAC, .STL, .XML, and .TIFF. Our project managers work transparently with our clients to determine their exact needs, setting the required dialect and formality.

No matter how big your subtitling project is we ensure faster turnarounds and greater audience appreciation at affordable rates.