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The Karen languages are spoken by over 7 million people throughout the Southeastern region of Myanmar and the West of Thailand. And what better way to engage with this promising audience than to do it in their native language?

At bayantech, we’re a leading language services provider, with two decades of experience supporting the cross-cultural outreach effort of leading organizations. Get in touch now, and discover our cutting-edge Karen language translation solutions.

Looking to connect with mainstream audiences? We provide holistic  Sino Tibetan language services. Discover our Burmese translation services today.

High-Quality Karen Translation Services & Localization Solutions

Karen languages are spoken by over 7 million people, in the South-East region of Burma and Thailand. The language has three main branches, S’gaw Karen, Pwo, and Pa’o.

Their common Subject-Verb-Object (SVO structure) makes Karen language translation less grammatically challenging than other languages. But all branches of Karen use the Burmese writing system, which brings the Karen translation process to a whole new level of complexity.

Our Karen document translators are competent enough to navigate these linguistic nuances and properly render a message into (or from) Karen. You can rest assured our Karen translations are consistently accurate, fluent, and natural sounding, but that’s not only what we can do. Producing a Karen language asset you can use in real-life context will require some additional processes beyond accurate translation, namely desktop publishing services. At bayantech, we implement the best DTP solutions to render your Karen text into a localized mirror-image of the original that implements appropriate Burmese script. All of your content will be exceptionally translated and localized so it can appear locally made to your new Karen-speaking audience.

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As one of the largest translation companies in the MENA region, we have two decades of experience, setting the standard for quality and efficiency.  We’re an experienced and reliable language translation service provider, ahead of the curve in terms of both technology and human resources.

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