The Kurdish Language at a Glimpse

Kurdish is the most widely spoken language in the Kurdistan Region.

With 20 to 30 million native speakers, Kurdish is divided into three groups, where dialects from different groups are usually not mutually intelligible. 

  • Northern Kurdish(Kurmanji) is the largest dialect group, spoken by an estimated 15 to 20 million Kurds in Turkey, Syria, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran.
  • Central Kurdish(Sorani) is spoken by an estimated 6 to 7 million Kurds in much of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Iranian Kurdistan Province.
  • Southern Kurdish(Pehlewani) is spoken by about 3 million Kurds in Kermanshah and Ilam provinces of Iran and in the Khanaqin district of eastern Iraq.
  • Other dialects spoken by smaller numbers.

The Sorani Kurdish dialect uses Arabic script while the Kurmanji Kurdish dialect is written in Latin script,The standard Sorani form of Central Kurdish is one of the official languages of Iraq.

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Translation Seen through Kurdish Eyes

The fact that the Kurdish language has been written using four different writing systems, including Arabic, Latin, Cyrillic, and Armenian, brings challenges to the Kurdish translation service.
A harbor of diverse cultures, the Kurdish language is abundant with a considerable number of loanwords from Arabic, Armenian, Caucasian, and Turkic origins.

BayanTech supports all variations and writing systems of the Kurdish language. Only Kurdish native speakers with deep understanding of the subject matter are to be assigned Kurdish translation projects.

With our scalability and rich resources, we successfully deal with any Kurdish translation project, no matter how big it is or how tight the timeframe might be.
Understanding that the Kurdish culture bears traces of a variety of other cultures, we make sure translations are culturally adapted to the target audience through our robust QA system.
We don’t just translate words…we bring the essence of the Kurdish values and cultural norms into your message and help you communicate with a more than 20-million customer base.